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Spring Groups 2021

Groups Run by Clinical Staff from

Counseling & Psychological Services
(203) 254-4000 x2146

Group Meeting Day / Time
Student Athlete Transition Workshop TBD
Current Events Stress Support TBD
Q’mmunity Support TBD
Connections TBD
Grief Group TBD
Recovery Group Please call for more information
Women of Color TBD
Self-Care for Survivors TBD
Nursing Student Support Wednesdays
11:30 – 12:30
SAM: Stress and Anxiety Management Wednesdays
Yoga for Stress Relief Wednesdays
12 – 1pm

Group Descriptions

Current Events Stress Support

The 2020s have so far been a decade like no other bringing stress and uncertainty into almost all realms of our lives. This group is a safe space to talk about the issues that confront us all, process reactions and gain tips for successfully navigating through this semester.

Q*mmunity Support

This group provides a safe, confidential, and affirming environment to discuss identity, community, intimate relationships, family & friendships, and other issues of relevance. The group is also open to other topics, such as depression and anxiety that may not be related to one’s sexual identity or gender identity. Individuals interested in this group may identify as LGBTQ+, or may choose not to identify as any sexual identity or category.


Relationships can be the source of both positive and negative feelings for all of us. Join peers who are interested in actively working towards achieving growth by enhancing their capacity to create, sustain and deepen connections with others.

Grief Group

This group is for anyone looking for support in dealing with loss. Grief and its accompanying emotions can be complicated. When we have lost a person who has had meaning in our lives, being with a supportive community of people who actually understand can be just the thing to help us heal.

Recovery Group

This group is for all students who are interested in being sober or who have achieved abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

Women of Color

The purpose of this group is to provide mentorship to current female students of Color at Fairfield University and discuss overall issues that pertain to them on campus including but not limited to personal, academic, and social/emotional. Ultimately we aim to provide a safe space to empower young women of color to use their voices, skills, and abilities to impact change in their lives and across campus.

Self-Care for Survivors

This group is for students who want to build self-care skills and share a sense of safety with fellow survivors of sexual trauma. If you have been sexually assaulted since attending college or as a child, talking about it can be the first step in the healing process.

Nursing Student Support

This is a supportive, process-oriented group that focuses on the unique challenges and stressors that nursing students face, including, but not limited to the following: self-care, maintaining healthy relationships, navigating the stresses of work/life balance and establishing healthy sleep hygiene and eating habits. The group will be a mix of outdoor in the garden by our center (weather permitting) as well as telehealth.

SAM: Stress and Anxiety Management

SAM is a group/workshop that meets Wednesdays from 3-4PM. If you are interested in learning more about anxiety/stress and how to better manage it, SAM will be a good fit for you. Though weekly participation is encouraged to gain the most benefit, it is not required and will be on a drop-in basis.

Yoga for Stress Relief

This group is designed to help you experience relaxation in the moment and learn new skills for managing stress and anxiety. The group is co-led by a Certified Yoga Instructor from the RecPlex and Counselor from C&PS and is designed to calm the mind and body.

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