Group Workshops

Fall Groups 2018

Understanding Self and Others Dena Kedra
Anna Tedesco
Stress Less Julia Smith
Kathryn Min
Connections Mary Ellen Staudt-Spitzfaden
Grief Group Father Scalese
Mary Ellen Staudt-Spitzfaden
Recovery Group Lisa Arnold
LGBTQ+ Support Julia Smith
Self-Care for Survivors Mary Ellen Staudt- Spitzfaden
Choices and Marijuana Education Lisa Arnold
First Generation College Students Kim Tappen


Groups Run by Clinical Staff from
(203) 254-4000, ext. 2146
Drop In Hours Monday – Friday 1-4 p.m.

Group Descriptions

Understanding Self and Others -- This group provides a safe and supportive space to learn about your relational style and practice ways to more constructively relate to others.

Stress Less --This interactive group will introduce various skills and strategies aimed at helping participants to effectively manage stress, thereby improving mood, performance, and overall life satisfaction.

Connections -- Relationships can be the source of both positive and negative feelings for all of us. Join others who are interested in actively working towards ways of achieving growth by enhancing their capacity to create, sustain and deepen connections with others.

Grief Group -- This group is here for anyone looking for support in dealing with loss. Grief and its accompanying emotions can be complicated. When we have lost a person who has had meaning in our lives, just being with a supportive community of people who can actually understand can be just the thing to help us heal.

Recovery Group -- This group is for those students who are interested in being sober or those who have achieved abstinence from alcohol and are committed to staying in recovery. If you are interested please contact Lisa Arnold for more information.

LGBTQ+ Support -- This group provides a weekly space to explore issues of gender, sexuality, self, and community.

Self-Care for Survivors – For students who want to build self-care skills and share a sense of safety with fellow survivors of sexual trauma. If you have been sexually assaulted as a child or since attending college, talking about it can be the first step in the healing process.

Choices and Marijuana Education -- An opportunity for students to gain a broader perspective of the hazards and risks of their drinking and drug use, and how “safe partying” might be the answer.

First Generation College Students -- For students who may be the first in their families to attend college. This group provides space to reflect on the unique challenges that first-generation college students face as well as to celebrate their many strengths.

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