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All clinical contact with students in Counseling & Psychological Services is privileged and confidential. Disclosure to parents, faculty or staff or to any unauthorized person requesting information about the student or the counseling relationship is both illegal and unethical unless the student has signed a "Release of Information" waiving confidentiality.

Clients who are younger than 18 must have parental permission for treatment.

Under Connecticut law, confidentiality is only broken under the following circumstances:

  • A client poses an imminent danger to self or others. A family member and/or appropriate authorities must be notified by the clinician. The purpose of disclosure is to provide the necessary emergency care or protection.
  • A client reveals ongoing abuse or neglect of a child or elderly person. Clinicians are mandated reporters of child and elder abuse.
  • A court order mandates confidential information to be disclosed. Clinicians will submit the minimal amount of information possible to comply with the mandate of the court.
  • Clinicians are permitted to discuss a client case in supervision or treatment teams within Counseling & Psychological Services.
  • A client signs a "Release of Information" to give clinicians permission to discuss their situation with parents, professors, administrators, or other health care providers.

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