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Full-Time Undergraduate

2019-20 Academic Year - Arts and Sciences, Business, Engineering, Nursing

Tuition $49,080
Room & Board - Residence Halls $15,150
Room - Townhouses $12,700
Room - Apartment Complex $12,700
General Fee $750
Orientation Fee (Freshmen only) $300
Orientation Fee (Transfers only) $150
Science Laboratory Fee (per course) $75
Engineering Laboratory Fee (per course) $100
Finance Laboratory Fee (FI101) $125
Nursing Testing Fee (per semester) $115
Nursing Laboratory Fee/Clinical Fee (per semester) $125
Media Laboratory Fee (per course) $70
Studio Arts (per course) $70/120

Fairfield University requires all full time undergraduate students to subscribe to a health insurance plan. Please go to for more information.

Part-Time Undergraduate

2019-20 Academic Year - All Schools with Part-Time Programs

Summer Term & Intersession Terms $750/credit hour
Tuition (less than twelve credit hours; students admitted as part-time and remain part-time) $750/credit hour
Tuition (twelve credit hours or more) (Fall & Spring only) $24,540/semester
Tuition (Full-time Undergraduates going to part-time) $1,800/credit hour
Bachelor of Liberal Studies $750/credit hour
Engineering (part-time Undergraduate) $800/credit hour
Matriculation Fee $60


2019-20 Academic Year - Adult & Second Degree

Adult Nursing, RN-BSN $700/credit hour
Nursing BS - Second Degree Program $800/credit hour
Nursing Testing Fee - Second Degree Program $115/semester
Matriculation Fee $60

All Schools

Application Fee $60
Automobile Registration Fee (Full-time only) $150
Commencement Fee $200
Monthly Payment Plan $40/semester
Registration Fee (Part-time only) $35/semester
Returned Check Fee $35
Transcript Fee $5

The Trustees of the University reserve the right to change tuition rates and make additional changes whenever necessary.

Tuition Insurance

Fairfield University also offers families the option to purchase a Tuition Insurance plan from Liberty Mutual to supplement our refund policy if a student needs to withdraw due to illness, injury, mental health issues, unforeseen loss of life, or other reasons. Please visit our Tuition Insurance page for additional information.

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