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Office Of The Bursar

The Office of the Bursar is responsible for the Accounts Receivable of the University, which includes all student accounts and miscellaneous cash receipts, as well as the daily cash management operations of the University. The student accounts area is specifically responsible for issuing the student bills, processing receipts and responding to inquiries.

The Office of the Bursar is also responsible for the collection of the Federal Perkins and Federal Nursing loans.

We are located in McAuliffe Hall, Rooms 301, 302 and 303.

Our business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. During the summer, we open at 8:00 a.m. and our Friday close is at 12:00 noon.

Important Dates (For Full-Time Undergraduates)

July Fall semester billing generated during first week of the month
August 1 Payment for Fall semester due
August 1 Last day for receipt of enrollment in the Fall semester monthly payment plan
September 30 Final date of Fall semester extension for receipt of Federal and alternative loan proceeds. Late fees assessed after this date
December Spring semester billing generated during first week of the month
December 24 - January 1 University offices closed
January 1 Payment for Spring semester due
January 1 Last day for receipt of enrollment in the Spring semester monthly payment plan
February 28 Final date of Spring semester extension for receipt of Federal and alternative loan proceeds. Late fees assessed after this date

Full-Time Undergraduate Students

International Students

Staff Directory

Staff Extension Email
Valerie Barnard, Student Accounts 4102 vbarnard@fairfield.edu
Gina Costa, Bursar 4191 gcosta1@fairfield.edu
Cristina Gentile, Student Accounts 2165 cgentile@fairfield.edu
Roberto Lopez, Student Accounts 2164 rlopez@fairfield.edu
Laurie Murphy, Assistant Bursar 2236 lmurphy@fairfield.edu
Student Accounts Inquiry (203) 254-4095 bursar@fairfield.edu

Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fee Schedule

Payment Plan

For Full-Time Undergraduate students, the University offers the option to pay for the semester on a monthly basis via a payment plan administered by Nelnet Campus Commerce. This semester-based plan allows you to spread the semester balance due over a five month period.

The Fall semester plan runs from June 1 to October 1. The deadline to enroll is August 1.
The Spring semester plan runs from November 1 to March 1. The deadline to enroll is January 1.

Please note: Plans do not automatically renew from one semester to another.  You must sign-up each semester for a new plan. 

There is an enrollment fee per semester due upon sign-up. 

For additional information, please call Nelnet Campus Commerce toll free at 800-722-4867 (Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. EST) or visit them online at fairfield.afford.com.


Refunds as the result of official withdrawal through the University's Registrar Office will be made according to the appropriate schedule below:

Full-time undergraduate day students
Official Withdrawal Date Refund % of Charge
First Week 90%
Second Week 80%
Third Week 60%
Fourth Week 40%
Fifth Week 20%
Sixth Week & Beyond 0%

1098-T Reporting

Important Upcoming IRS Regulatory Changes for 1098T Reporting:

Years Prior to 2018 1098T Reporting: Fairfield University reported Box 2 – Amounts Billed for Tuition and Related Expenses.

2018 1098T Reporting: IRS regulations require all Universities to report Box 1 – Payments Received for Tuition and Related Expenses. Box 2 reporting is no longer allowed.

Important Notes: Payment Processing related to the IRS 2018 1098T reporting changes- *

  • The Spring billing statement will continue to be issued in late November/Early December.
  • Payments received via mail in late December of any calendar year will be recorded on the student account in the following calendar year. Therefore, payments mailed and received by the University in late December will not be eligible for 1098T tax reporting in the current calendar year.
  • Electronic payments received via the Fairfield University Online Billing and Payment site will continue to be processed on the student’s account on the date the payment is made.

*click here to view email/letter sent in December 2018 (PDF)

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