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What is MVP?

Fairfield University’s Multicultural Visit Program (MVP) embraces diversity as a distinguishing hallmark of Jesuit education. As a result, the Office of Undergraduate Admission sponsors MVP to recruit a more diverse community of students including (and not limited to) students of color, students from under-represented backgrounds, and first generation students.

MVP connects prospective and admitted students to the diversity in Fairfield’s community through intentional visit opportunities and personal connections with current students of color and/or unique backgrounds, faculty, and administrators.

Understanding the importance of being a part of a community that welcomes and appreciates your unique background, it is our hope that after attending an event within the MVP, you will understand your value to our campus and be able to see yourself helping to create the culturally diverse community that we continue to build.

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Diversity by the Numbers

Embracing our truth, we recognize there is much work to do as we strive to increase our diversity, but our numbers don’t tell the whole story. We are excited about all of the active work that is happening on campus and beyond to make a difference and not just say, but show, that diversity is important. Keep reading to learn more about all of the programs and resources available in Stag Country.


of Fairfield’s Class of 2024 are students of color


of Fairfield’s student body are students of color


of Fairfield’s Class of 2024 are first in their families to attend college/first-generation


of Fairfield’s faculty are people of color


Affinity groups actively celebrating cultures and identities

MVP Experiences

MVP hosts virtual and on-campus visit opportunities for students anywhere in their college search process.

MVP Finale Event

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MVP Finale Event

Join us on Thursday, April 15, at 4 p.m. for our final MVP virtual event to get your questions answered by current students, financial aid officers, residence life, and more. Our Fairfield community is making themselves available for our admitted students and their guardians during this evening event to share more with you about Fairfield and to make sure your questions are answered. This is your time to find out what it’s like to be a Fairfield MVP. For questions, please contact Tracey Guild.

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MVP Get Ready For College Series

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MVP Get Ready For College Series

Prospective and admitted students are invited to join us for a series of workshops with campus partners to help you decide where to spend the next four years. Choose from a variety of sessions about various topics and get all of your questions answered. For questions, please contact Nakia Letang.

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MVP On-Campus

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MVP On-Campus

Interested in visiting campus? Join us on Saturday, April 10, at 11 a.m. for an opportunity to tour campus and meet our MVP staff, students, as well as learn more about diversity, equity, and inclusion at Fairfield. For questions, please contact Nakia Letang.

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MVP StagTalks

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MVP StagTalks

Admitted students are invited to connect with current Stags from our Diversity Recruitment Team in a student-only safe space and learn about college life while engaging in a series of fun activities. For questions, please contact Ben Bayers.

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Campus Resources

Fairfield’s commitment to underrepresented populations is rooted in inclusive excellence and radical hospitality. As an institution that continues to strive at this excellence, we support our students by providing resources and opportunities for them to be successful and make Fairfield their home. Learn more about our University’s diverse student clubs and affinity groups, faculty and administrative organizations, and campus programs and services.

Diversity Resources

Student Organizations

Financial Aid

Meet Our MVP Team

One of MVP’s many goals is to make it easy for prospective students to connect with the diverse voices and experiences at Fairfield. If you have important questions or want to learn more about our campus culture, we encourage you to reach out to a member of our Office of Admission Diversity Team or one of the student members of our Diversity Recruitment Team.

Helen Vasquez Ramos headshot

Helen Vasquez Ramos

Class of '24

Get to Know Helen

Helen Vasquez Ramos '24

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Hometown: Trumbull, CT
Major: Economics
Involvement: Women of Color, Latinx Student Union, Diversity Recruitment Team, Leaders for Environment Action, North Benson Bakes, Maritime Aquarium Gallery Ambassador, Caroline House Volunteer

Biggest Lesson Learned during First-Semester of College: The biggest lesson I learned when making my transition from high school to college was that sometimes you are going to feel lonely, and that is okay and perfectly normal. There is major hype around getting to leave home, starting college, and making new friends, but that takes time. It’s not automatic, quick, or guaranteed. There are stepping stones that you have to deal with first. The biggest takeaway for me was that there are always people who are willing to be there for you; you just have to let them in.

Advice for Prospective High School Students: Let yourself explore. You never know what opportunities may come your way just because you applied to a university. Give yourself the opportunity to choose an institution that works for you in every way, and you may surprise yourself.

Why Fairfield: I had to make the most important decision of my life thus far in the middle of a pandemic, and I needed a place where I had the most amount of control. Fairfield provided a sense of comfort and gave me back some control in a time where I felt I had very little of it. The Economics Department is made up of an incredible group of people who always keep what is best for their students in mind. That sentiment also extends to the rest of the University faculty. I chose Fairfield because of the faculty. There is an authentic and genuine care for their students. They are attentive, inspiring, and truly powerful in providing a great education that centers on their students' wants and needs. I couldn't guarantee I would get that anywhere else.

Mikaela Annette Bravo headshot

Mikaela Annette Bravo

Class of '22

Get to Know Mikaela

Mikaela Annette Bravo '22

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Hometown: Milford, CT
Major: Nursing
Involvement: Glee Club, Praise Project, Student Nursing Association, Sisters Inspiring Sisters, Philippine United Student Organization (PUSO)

Biggest Lesson Learned during First-Semester of College: If you want to make friends and get to know people, you have to step outside of your comfort zone and go to club meetings, RA programs, and FUSA programs.

Advice for Prospective High School Students: Shadow a student, if the school you are interested has a program like that. It is a great way to see the school and get a taste of the college lifestyle.

Why Fairfield: When I was walking around campus during my tour and attending Admitted Student Day, it felt right. I saw myself going to Fairfield.

Caitlyn Collins headshot

Caitlyn Collins

Class of '21

Get to Know Caitlyn

Caitlyn Collins '21

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Hometown: Boston, MA
Major/Minor: Biochemistry Major, English Literature Minor
Involvement: Director of Diversity Initiatives (Inter-Residential Housing Association), Editor in Chief of the Manor, Sophomore Residential College Alumni Mentor

Biggest Lesson Learned during First-Semester of College: Do not to be afraid to participate in new things and put yourself out there. I almost didn’t go to the first Manor Yearbook meeting because none of my friends were interested in it, and I ended up meeting new friends who shared the same interest in photography and editing. I also became the editor-in-chief my junior year of college. I am glad that I pushed myself because in the future it gave me a sense of achievement, success, and happiness.

Advice for Prospective High School Students: You will end up where you belong. Do not stress about having the perfect essay or getting into the highest ranked school.

Why Fairfield: I choose Fairfield because I fell in love with the labs. I am a biochemistry major who is interested in pursuing research and working in a lab after graduation. When I first walked into the Bannow Science Center, I fell in love. I am there every day. I go to class there, study there, and conduct research there. Bannow and Fairfield have truly become my second home. I fell in love with the beautiful campus and community here. From the girls that lived on my floor freshman year and my classmates, to my professors and the Tully and Dunkin workers, the people at Fairfield are welcoming and make you feel at home.

Kalyn A. Hicks headshot

Kalyn A. Hicks

Class of '21

Get to Know Kalyn

Kalyn A. Hicks '21

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Major/Minor: Nursing Major, Black Studies and Sociology Minors
Involvement: CARE Leader, BSU, Fairfield Connect Club, SNA, MLK Celebration Committee, IRHA Sustainability Representative of McCormick

Biggest Lesson Learned during First-Semester of College: College is an entirely different ball game from high school. I realized my grades weren't as strong as what I was used to. Over time, I learned to accept that was okay. College comes with its own stressors and takes a lot of adjusting. As long as I knew I was trying my best, that's all that mattered.

Advice for Prospective High School Students: Start your essays and other requirements needed for your applications as early as possible. Waiting until the deadlines are near will add a lot of unnecessary stress to your senior year. Once you finish submitting everything, you'll feel a great sense of relief. You should also feel proud of yourself for getting through such a major life stepping-stone.

Why Fairfield: College is expensive, and if I'm being honest, my top reason for choosing Fairfield was being offered a good financial aid package. Once I visited the school, I fell in love with the campus. Now that I'm here, I try to take advantage of all the various opportunities that are offered to us. It's important for me to make the most out of my college experience and at Fairfield there's so much to do. It's just up to us to go out and find it.

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