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Overview for Transfer Students

Fairfield University welcomes transfer students from all accredited colleges and universities. Applicants are evaluated on their completed college coursework and high school record, as well as standardized test scores, should you choose to submit them. Transfer students are accepted for both the fall and spring terms under full-time status and are expected to take a minimum of four college courses per semester. Alternately, prospective students interested in applying as a part-time student, can contact us at 203-254-5532 or

For transfer students who may be considering applying for Fall 2021, please note that we have reached capacity for the fall semester. We will begin welcoming applications for transfer students for the Spring 2022 semester in mid-September.  

If you have any questions, you may schedule a phone call or virtual conversation with a transfer admission counselor by emailing

International transfer students are advised to visit our international students page, as they will be required to submit additional material as part of the application process.

Please note that we do not currently accept transfer students to our undergraduate nursing major/degree program in the Egan School of Nursing and Health Studies.

How to Apply

Complete the Common Application:

  • For the fall term: April 1 is the priority deadline
  • For the spring term: November 15 is the priority deadline

Include sixty dollar ($60) non-refundable application fee

Please send the required documents listed below to:
Transfer Admission Liaison
Office of Undergraduate Admission - Kelley Center
Fairfield University
1073 North Benson Road
Fairfield, CT 06824

Once your application is complete, please allow three to four weeks for your file to be reviewed by the transfer admission committee.

Required Materials

The following are needed to complete the transfer application:

* If you have previously applied to Fairfield University we will waive the application fee. Please contact the Transfer Admission Liaison and include your name and reason for requesting a fee waiver.

** If you have previously applied to Fairfield University, please ensure we have received a transcript that includes your final grades. Official transcripts can be sent directly to Fairfield University from the credit granting institution. Transcripts can be received by mail or sent electronically to Alternately, official transcripts can be received through the Common Application if submitted directly from the college to Common Application. 

*** The Common Application does provide forms that are similar to our Mid-term Grade Progress Report and Dean of Students Certification Form. We ask that you complete either set, those that are Fairfield University specific, or those provided by the Common Application. If you are having limited in-person contact with your faculty and are finding it difficult to have the mid-term grade progress report completed, you may have your faculty provide you with your estimated current grade via e-mail, compile responses from all of your classes into one document, and submit that document via e-mail to

Important Information

In order for a student to be considered for merit scholarship and housing opportunities for admission, they are advised to have their application completed by the priority deadlines.

Students who applied to Fairfield University as freshmen, but were not granted admission, are required to complete one full year of college course work in a full-time status elsewhere, before reapplying as a transfer student.

For consideration, a cumulative GPA of a 2.5/4.00 is recommended for students interested in the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering. Students interested in transferring into the Charles F. Dolan School of Business must have maintained at least a 2.80/4.00 cumulative GPA.

To merit a Fairfield University degree, at least 60 credits must be taken at Fairfield. This includes the last 30 semester credits immediately preceding graduation that must be earned at Fairfield University.

Transfer students with international academic credentials must have their documents translated (if not in English) and evaluated. Please refer to our international students page for more information and referral to the WES evaluation.

If you are interested in learning more about our programs, please complete our Request Information form. If you have additional questions following the completion of the form, please contact

Additional information regarding visit opportunities for transfer students can be found on our visit page.

Application Deadlines

The priority application deadline for entry into the fall semester is April 1 and for entry into the spring semester the priority deadline is November 15. Students who apply by this date will receive priority review for admission, institutional financial aid, scholarship, and housing. Applications will continue to be accepted and reviewed beyond the priority deadlines on a space and resource available basis.

Transfer of Credits

Copies of course descriptions for all college courses are necessary to complete a credit evaluation. Be sure to include your full name on all information.

  • No courses with grades less than "C" will be accepted for transfer credit.
  • Credit will be granted only for specific work completed at institutions whose quality has been approved by the University.
  • Only the credit hours will be accepted for credit. The actual grades will not transfer.
  • Courses that are 10 years or older cannot be transferred to fulfill major requirements for graduation.
  • Students entering Fairfield University may be eligible to receive college credit for work previously completed in high school: through Advanced Placement exams, International Baccalaureate courses, or through college courses completed while in high school. First-year students should make sure that official results or transcripts are sent to Fairfield as soon as possible in order to have more options in course planning.
  • Fairfield University has a residency requirement for transferring students. As a result, students must spend four semesters in the full-time day program and complete a minimum of 60 credit hours at Fairfield University in order to be eligible for the degree.

Can I find out before I apply if my credits will transfer?

If you are admitted to the University, you will be notified at that time about which of your credits will transfer. While you cannot know for certain at the time of application which of your credits will transfer, you can compare individual course descriptions in your present institution's course catalog with Fairfield University's online course catalog. By comparing these descriptions, you may be able to ascertain the similarity of the courses and whether your present courses seem to correspond with any Fairfield courses.

Note: In order for our office to access international academic credentials, international applicants must have their documents translated (if not in English) and evaluated.

International Credit

Transfer students with international academic credentials must have their documents translated (if not in English) and evaluated. Please refer to our international students page for more information and referral to the WES evaluation.

When will I graduate?

A transfer student's date of graduation is determined by the number of credits accepted in transfer and the number of Fairfield University semesters these credits satisfy. The normal academic load for undergraduates is 15 credits per semester. Therefore, students are expected to have completed 30 credits at the end of one year, 60 at the end of two years, etc.

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