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College Credit Courses For Current High School Students

Fairfield University offers a full range of intensive courses designed to give visiting high school students an authentic college experience while earning credits that can be applied toward high school or college.* Courses are recommended for students who are entering or are currently in their sophomore, junior, or senior year of high school. 

Enrollment periods include our traditional 15-week fall and spring semesters, as well as our winter and summer sessions, which offer a variety of accelerated courses available in one, two, four, or five-week formats. High school students are permitted to take one course per semester.

All course offerings, along with their descriptions, availability, dates, times, and locations, can be browsed online. It is highly recommended that high school students enroll in introductory or freshman level courses numbered 999 or below.


To ensure that high school students have the necessary and relevant classroom experience to enroll and be successful in a college course, the student should have a minimum 3.2 GPA and is required to submit an unofficial high school transcript for review by the Office of Part-Time and Continuing Studies prior to registering for a class. Transcripts may be scanned or sent as an attachment and emailed to To enroll in any upper level credit course, prior faculty approval may be necessary before registration to be sure the necessary prerequisites for the course have been fulfilled. 

Once the course request and unofficial transcript have been reviewed and the student meets the University’s criteria for enrollment, they will be contacted by the Part-Time and Continuing Studies Admission Office with a link to generate their student NetID and become a visiting student. 

Future College Credit

*Successful transfer of college credits attained at Fairfield University while still in high school is solely up to the discretion of the college where the student is admitted.

For additional information, email the Office of Part-Time and Continuing Studies Admission at or call 203-254-5532.

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