Capstone Projects

2016-17 Senior Design Projects

At the end of April, seniors in the School of Engineering pitched their senior design projects to their fellow students, professors and industry mentors such as Precision Combustion, Inc. of New Haven, Conn, ASML of Wilton, Conn., Covidien LP, Northeast Laser & Electropolish of Monroe, Conn, and the Federal Aviation Administration. Among some of the projects was a device that makes drug testing more humane, a system that helps make air traffic control safer and a machine that makes jewelry manufacturing more efficient.

The teams worked for two full semesters and through multiple design phases to develop their plans and in some cases, prototypes. The student teams, from four undergraduate engineering programs (computer engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and software engineering) received funding for their research and development through the Hardiman-Lawrence research funding endowment and other professional mentors.

“Outside organizations approach us with a problem and the student groups are assigned these projects to work with a mentor from the outside organization,” said Sriharsha Srinivas Sundarram, PhD, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and faculty mentor to a student team that worked on creating a micro bioreactor array for tissue engineering applications.

The ten student teams had to apply either to the University or to an outside company with a formal proposal for acceptance before beginning research and weren’t allowed to use any pre-build kits or plans. But, it’s working together as a team that has the most challenges and rewards. Read more about the process here.

(C: Computer Engineering, E: Electrical Engineering, M: Mechanical Engineering, S: Software Engineering)


TEAM 1 - Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Advanced Fluidized Bed - Spouted Reactor

Advisors: Dr. S. Etemad, Dr. M. Safari, and Dr. B. Baird (Precision Combustion, Inc., N. Haven, Conn.)
Students: Sanclemente, Gustavo – M, Sorgenti, Stephen – M, Pysarchyk, Michael - M , Cornwell, Geoffrey - M


TEAM 2 - Micromouse Design and Development

Advisor: Dr. U. Balaji
Students: Corsello, Vincent - M , Ochoa, Christina - E , Rybacki, Sarah - M , Stewart, Andrew - C


TEAM 3 - A Quiet Shop Vacuum

Advisor: Dr. J. Denenberg
Students: Arabia, Fernando – M, Rinaldi, Christopher – E, Magnotta, Rock – M, Mentonis, Maxwell – C


TEAM 4 - Micro Bioreactor Array for Tissue Engineering Applications

Advisor: Dr. S. Sundarram
Students: Gutierrez, Christopher – M, Nguyen, Huy – M, Champa, Calvin - M , Koelsch, Joseph - M


TEAM 5 - Wear Free Transfer of Electrical Power and Fluids to Translating Stages

Advisors: Dr. S. Etemad and Dr. A. Judge (ASML, Wilton Conn.)
Students: Soni, Pinal – M, Olmstead, Ethan – M, Jago, Alison – M, McManus, Julia - M


TEAM 6 - Suture Diameter Measurement System

Advisors: Dr. R. Munden and J. Festa (Medtronic Inc.)
Students: Anastasio, John – M, Ganic, Dzemal – E, Kennedy, Daniel - C


TEAM 7 - Automated Unpacking System for Jewelry Charms

Advisors: Dr. M. Zabinski and R. Rossilli (Northeast Laser & Electropolish, Monroe, Conn.)
Students: Kharbouch, Karim – M, Turano, Dennis – M, Fedele, Maria – M, Ali, Andalib - E


TEAM 8 - Robust Kernel-Based Object Tracking with Multiple Kernel Centers

Advisor: Dr. D. Belfadel
Students: Wright, Michael – E, Dube, Kyle – M, Tavcar, Andrew – M, Nussbaum, Kerin - E


TEAM 9 - Aircraft Conflict Resolution Cataloger

Advisors: Dr. Ad. Rusu and M. Paglione (Federal Aviation Administration)
Students: Hingorani, Ravina – E, Danick, Andrew – E, Paulin, Joseph – S, Phillips, Davina - C


TEAM 10 - Ferrofluid Windmill

Advisors: Dr. R. Munden and Dr. A. Judge (ASML, Wilton, Conn.)
Students: Brown, Keniel – M, Gleason, Connor – M, Ashong, Julian – M

2015-16 Senior Design Projects

During the 2015-16 academic year, ten Senior Design projects were successfully executed by 38 interdisciplinary students. One of the projects was conferred the Dean's Award based on overall performance and accomplishments. Another project won First Place in the "Undergraduate Student Poster Award" category in the Northeast Section Conference of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE-NE) which encompasses approximately 800 members from the U.S. and Canada, representing over 70 universities and colleges. And finally, another project successfully participated in the "Fairfield Startup Showcase." The Fairfield Startup yearly program of events designed to foster young entrepreneurial talent at Fairfield University through engagement with mentors and investors drawn from alumni and local business communities.

(CE: Computer Engineering, EE: Electrical Engineering, ME: Mechanical Engineering, SW: Software Engineering)


Active and Passive Noise Cancellation Applied to an Ordinary Household Appliance (1st Place Student Poster Awards, ASEE-NE Conference)

Advisor: Prof. Denenberg.
Funding: The Lawrence Scholars program
Students: C. Calitri(EE), M. LoTurco (ME), V. Moretti (EE), T. Phantharangsy (EE)
Description: The project focused on modifying an existing shop vacuum to reduce the noise level. The design utilized both active and passive noise cancellation techniques. This would be achieved through the use of a Least Means Square algorithm in conjunction with additional insulation and vibration damping.


Automatic Medicine Dispenser (Fairfield Startup Contestant)

Advisor: Prof. Munden.
Funding: The Lawrence Scholars program
Students: A. Hliboki (ME), C. Sayles (EE), H. Vahora (EE) and K. Zwick (ME)
Description: Medispense is an automated pill dispenser aimed to solve the problem of medical adherence. It provides a precise pill delivery system, timely and effective alerts through a priority based alert system and a 3 step verification process to ensure maximum patient safety.


Design, CFD Modeling, and Development of Compact & Efficient Soil Steam Fumigation

Advisor: Prof. Etemad.
Mentors: Dr. Baird and Dr. Weissman. <
strong>Industry Support: Precision Combustion Inc.
Students: J. Alderisio (ME), M. Lazicky (ME), J. Ursini (ME), C. Wallace (ME)
Description: The objective of this project is to design and develop a compact and efficient soil steam fumigation system through Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling and system performance (heat transfer and pressure drop) optimization.


Automated Alignment of a Laser Welded Medical Device (Winner of Dean's Award)

Advisor: Prof. Zabinski.
Mentor: Mr. R. Rosselli.
Industry Support: Northeast Laser and Electropolish. Funding: The Lawrence Scholars program
Students: Y. Kohut (ME), S. Shiner (ME), C. Vrankovic (ME) and A. Wesolowski (ME)
Description: The objective of this project was to create an automated mechanism that aligns medical devices used in endoscopic knee surgery within a 0.002" radial runout tolerance.


Retractable Multi-Tool Accessory Prosthetic Attachment

Advisor: Prof. Cavallo.
Funding: The Lawrence Scholars program
Students: C. Babcock (ME), T. Daniello (ME), T. Lukacovic (ME), M. Nagy (ME)
Description: The objective is to create an attachment to an existing prosthetic with multiple interchangeable tools that will help the amputee perform everyday tasks with easier maneuvering. The goal of this project is to provide maximum everyday functionality with minimum interference and bulk at an affordable cost with a shelf life of over 10 years.


Wireless System for Monitoring Domestic Appliance Energy Consumption

Advisor: Prof. Balaji.
Funding: The Lawrence Scholars program
Students: B. Aca-Tecuanhuehue (ME), L. Antunez (EE), T. Dessureau (EE), E. Locoh
Description: This project addresses the rising costs of energy and the need to conserve energy in households. To assist households with energy management, a device is developed to monitor energy usage. The device transmits the energy usage from an electrical socket to the website ThingSpeak, and provides a visual representation of each appliance's daily consumption.


Tabletop Micro Patterning Device

Advisor: Prof. Sundarram.
Funding: The Lawrence Scholars program and the Connecticut Space Grant Consortium
Students: R. Brown (ME), N. Laflamme (ME), G. Schrier (ME), M. Valvano (ME)
Description: The major objective of this project is to design and fabricate a table-top micro patterning device capable of replicating patterns on different substrates along with quick interchange of master mold patterns. The tabletop micro patterning device is a low cost alternative to lithography and is well suited for users in academia and laboratories.


Jarvis 2.0: A Software Program for Understanding Stories

Advisor: Prof. Macbeth.
Students: E. Boliakis (ME), W. McDonnell (EE), D. Nguyen (SW)
Description: This research project is focused on the design and implementation of an artificial intelligent application that can perform the analysis of written short stories. Using this analysis, the application will then process user inputted questions and provide correct output answers.


Mobile Application for Optimization of soccer Match Administration

Advisor: Prof. Rusu.
Funding: The Lawrence Scholars program
Students: P. Mayer (SW), D. Mignosa (SW), K. Wilson (EE)
Description: The current model for soccer officiation is error-prone; referees still record data on goals, penalties, substitutions, and more by hand, then later input this information into electronic systems. The goal of this project is to deliver a mobile application to automate several aspects of soccer administration, the implementation of which is focused on secure authentication, performance, and efficient data sharing between referees.


Differential Thread Adjuster

Advisor: Prof. Judge.
Mentor: Dr. D. Stenabaugh.
Industry Support: ASML.
Students: K. McCaffrey (ME), B. Mikolajczyk (ME), C. Rutigliano (ME), B. Herman (EE)
Description: The primary objective of this project is to study the stability and adjustment sensitivity of commercially available-of-the-shelf (COTS) Differential thread Adjusters (DTA) versus custom designed adjustment methods such as Fine Pitch Adjusters and custom DTAs. A secondary objective was to evaluate the costs associated with these various methods and propose a less expensive alternative, while still meeting all the design requirements, to the DTA marketplace.


2014-15 Senior Design Projects

Laparoscopic Surgery Wound Closure Device

Advisor: Prof. Zabinski. 
Industry Support: CooperSurgical
Students: S. Canosa (ME), R. Park (ME), R. Phillip (ME) and J. Sullivan (ME)


Control System for Quadcopter Autonomous Targeting

Advisor: Prof. Munden.
Funding: The Lawrence Scholars program
Students: D. Casique (EE), J. Hogan (EE), B. Hoth (ME) and K. Scherer (CE)


SpinLeaf v2 - Electric Powered Greens Spinner for Small Scale Commercial Farm

Advisor: Prof. Reckinger.
Industry Support: Brooklyn Grange.
Funding: The Lawrence Scholars and the Campus Sustainability programs
Students: M. Gallagher (ME), K. Pitz (ME), Y. Rua (ME) and M. Sulciner (ME)


3D Metal Scaffolds for Battery Applications

Advisor: Prof. Sundarram.
Funding: The Lawrence Scholars program
Students: T. Conley (ME), S. Neugebauer (ME) and C. Pereira (ME)


Micromouse Robot Design

Advisor: Prof. Balaji.
Funding: The Lawrence Scholars program
Students: E. Iannaccone (SE), A. Nezvesky (ME) and K. Wilson (CE)


Development of Advanced Transparent Coating

Advisor: Prof. Winn and Prof. Stott.
Funding: The National Science Foundation
Students: A. Carrio (EE), S. McGuinness (ME and Physics) and A. O'Farrell (ME)


Design, Analysis and Development of a Compact & Efficient Soil Steam Fumigation

Advisor: Prof. Etemad.
Industry Support: Precision Combustion, Inc.
Students: G. Dibble (ME), J. Dubay (ME), N. Spears (ME) and J. Wimer (ME)


Ferrofluid Immersed Windmill

Advisor: Prof. Judge.
Funding: The Lawrence Scholars program
Students: A. Grasso (ME), J. Heilweil (EE), J. King (ME) and J. McGlew (ME)


Design and Development of Automated Robotic Production Assembly

Advisor: Prof. Etemad.
Industry Support: Northeast Laser
Students: R. Barone (EE), A. DiMauro (ME), G. Kostakis (ME) and T. McCabe (ME)


2013-14 Senior Design Projects

Senior Design Projects: 2013-2014

Golf Flow - Development of Venturi Vacuum Pump for Retraction of Golf Balls from Diverse Golf Course Hazards

M. Osmulski (ME), F. Wedley (ME), M. Bell (ME), F. Carnovale (EE)
Advisor: Dr. Mascarenhas


High-Speed Production Track Development for Automated Manufacturing Material Flow Delivery

J. Mastroluca (ME), A. Peras (ME), B. Peters (EE), D. Mamani (EE)
Advisor: Dr. Denenberg. Mentor/Sponsor: George Warman (Energizer-Schick)


Robot Assisted Ribbon Bending

N. D'Addio (ME), R. Bhatti (EE), D. Mondezie (EE)
Advisor: Dr. Hadjimichael, Mentor/Sponsor: Rich Rosselli (Northeast Laser)


SpinLeaf - Electric Powered Greens Spinner for Small Scale Farming Operations

S. Seyal (ME), C. Nerich (ME), R. Governale (EE), C. Pierre (ME)
Advisor: Dr. Reckinger. Mentor: Fred Monahan (Stone Garden farm)


Development of Medical Device: Infrared Bone Mineral Density and Blood Flow Monitor

S. Sutherby (ME), R.  Garrone (EE), M. Raymond (EE), J. Musubire (EE)
Advisor: Dr. Munden. Mentor: Rafique Vahora. Sponsor: NASA Space Grant

Development of Advanced Carbon Fiber Impact Absorption Structure for Formulae F Race Car

S. Guzierowicz (ME), E. Stephen (ME), T. Young (ME), C. Smith (ME)
Advisor: Prof. Steve Roux


EMduino - Development of a Miniature Wireless Powering Device

R. Howley (EE), B. Arpie (CE), R. Kovach (CE), A. Cruz (CE)
Advisor: Dr. Lyon, Mentor: Mr. Hugh Fullman

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