Program Overview

Interns in The Gambia work at Starfish International, a community educational facility located in Lamin Village just outside of the capital city, Banjul. Students interested in gender studies, entrepreneurship, skill building, sustainable development, public health, education, communication/media, environmental education, humanitarian action, peace and justice studies, among others, will find a suitable opportunity here. Innovative ideas that will bring helpful skills to students are welcome! Wolof language study is available and required.

There are many and varied placement opportunities within the Starfish organization including, but not limited to:

  • Education, specifically middle and high school curriculum and enrichment
  • Arts, including photography, dance, music and others
  • Business development and entrepreneurship
  • Public and women’s health
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Gender issues, equity and education

Programs are individually designed based on the intern’s skill sets and interests as they match the needs and work of the organization. Housing and meals are provided at the site, and multiple field trips to points of interest within the country will be organized during the length of stay.

For specific questions about this internship, please contact Dr. Dina Franceschi. For specific information about traveling to The Gambia, visit the Department of State’s page on The Gambia.


View photos from our students’ latest internships in the Gambia.

GSP 2017 The Gambia

Student Spotlight

8290_ug_cas_intl-studies_gambia_hong_09192017Sunny Hong ’19
Global Public Health Science major
Chemistry-Biochemistry and International Studies double minor

‌“I love the little but big impacts I’m able to make for the girls here… Working at Starfish allows me to help them on the path of achieving their goals, fulfilling their dreams and going beyond the boundaries that were forced onto them. The girls here truly inspire me and make me believe that I can do anything in life that I wish to do, and I hope that I can do the same for them.”


8290_ug_cas_intl-studies_gambia_alhamwy_09192017‌Nadra Al-Hamwy ’18
International Studies and Politics double major
Peace & Justice and Environmental Science double minor

“I wish you could enter my brain and see what I experienced at this moment; tons and tons of men standing next to each other, in synchronized motion of prayer, all going down and up together, absolute silence or the echoing effect of hundreds of people saying “Allah Abakar” or “Ameen.” And oh my goodness, all the colors and patterns of everyone's new Koriteh outfits. Truly mesmerizing.”


8290_ug_cas_intl-studies_gambia_llopiz_09192017Cristopher Rafael Llopiz Osorio ’19
International Business major
Asian Studies minor 

“My Wolof (the commercial language in Gambia) is getting better, and I can’t feel prouder of myself.”


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