Program Overview

Interns will be immersed in Guatemalan and Mayan culture and languages while engaging in rural development work at one of multiple sites in the States of Totonicapán and Quiché. This is an interdisciplinary opportunity that works well for business, economics, international studies, nursing, environmental studies, engineering, Latin American and Caribbean Studies students, among others. Interns will develop strong cross-cultural skills as well as boost their confidence as professionals in the workforce. They will also learn and encounter the realities of Guatemala, which will provide them with the opportunity to implement new ideas and tailor them according to the country’s needs.

Interns will collaborate with a renowned nonprofit organization, municipal governments, and communities with focus on one or more of the following areas:

  • Social, economic and technical sustainability of drinking water systems
  • Management of forest resources
  • Food security
  • Entrepreneurship and small businesses
  • Microfinance for rural development
  • Development of community leadership

The length of the internship may vary between four to ten weeks depending on the availability of the intern. For specific questions about this location, please contact Dr. William Vasquez-Mazariegos. For specific information about traveling to Guatemala, please visit the Department of State's page on Guatemala.


View photos from our students’ latest internships in Guatemala

GSP 2017 Guatemala

Student Spotlight

8290_ug_cas_intl-studies_guatemala_aura-pineda_09192017‌Aura Pineda ’18
International Studies major
Economics and Latin American & Caribbean Studies minor

‌“Among all of the experiences I have had during my internship, the best days of my week are those in which I visit the communities. It is in these opportunities that I encounter the socioeconomic reality of the country face-to-face. Despite the poverty level of the families I visit, I am moved by their generosity and welcoming spirit. They make you realize it is because of them that we, ‘the privileged’ ones, must strive to educate ourselves to fight for their human dignity and make an impact for social justice.”


8290_ug_cas_intl-studies_guatemala_ariana_09192017‌Ariana Fernandez ’18
Politics and Spanish double major
Humanitarian Action and Latin and American & Caribbean Studies double minor

“Much of the work of the Women and Gender Program requires reaching out to the community and planning events to educate the population about issues that are important and affect members of the community. Working with the community is a rewarding experience. I have the opportunity to interact and learn from these students, as well as learn about some of the issues that prevail in the country.”


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