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Entrepreneurship Classes

With proper lead time and coordination with classroom professors, guest speakers are most welcome and greatly appreciated in entrepreneurship classes. Topics need to be appropriate to the classroom curriculum and experience.

FAME Business Mentor

The Fairfield Accelerator and Mentoring Enterprise (FAME) is the gateway through which early-stage entrepreneurial ventures access valuable expertise, resources and networks in order to move forward sustainable enterprises. Business leaders are needed to act as consultants on projects developed by students via the Business Plan Competition, classroom assignments and independent study.

SoccerGrlProbs Founders
Shannon Fay '14,
Alanna Locast '12 and
Carly Beyar '14

Fairfield Start Up Competition

‌‌‌Team Mentor – Each student team is required to have at least one mentor, preferably someone with both the time and the experience to guide a group of undergraduates through the complexities of conceiving, planning, and then pitching a business. As a Team Mentor, you will advise one team from the concept stage in January to the investor pitch in April.

Competition Meetings – Business leaders are welcome as special guests and speakers to provide important insight to students at Fairfield Start Up meetings throughout the academic year. We are also forming an Entrepreneurship Club that will provide another forum for student interaction.

Speaker Content Expert – Content experts are needed to help students in vital areas such as legal, budgeting, firm valuation, marketing, etc. In the spring, ahead of the Fairfield Start Up Showcase finale, we offer workshops featuring experts who help teams in crafting their financial and investor pitches.

Investor Panelist – In the Fairfield Start Up Showcase finale, students will receive live feedback from judges following their presentations. The judges will serve as potential investors, with the ability, "onstage," to propose an investment in a start-up. This is a great way for investors to get in on the ground floor of terrific ideas.

Entrepreneurship Advisory Council

Leaders with expertise launching new business ventures as well as corporate, investment, marketing and promotions experience are encouraged to join the Entrepreneurship Advisory Council. Members of the Council are committed to the growth of entrepreneurship at Fairfield University and serve a coordinating function in inviting new participants (team leaders and mentors), reviewing and setting new policies and practices for running the FAME, and designing a business model that will ensure sustainable success.

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For more information about any of the above opportunities, please contact dolanbusiness@fairfield.edu

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