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Professional Development Series Overview

The Professional Development Series (PDS) at the Dolan School of Business is designed to provide a structured way in which students can gain the knowledge and skills that will complement their coursework to help them find success in the working world.

This comprehensive program will give Dolan School of Business undergraduates a competitive edge as they enter a challenging job market. The program is optional, but highly encouraged for all business students.

The program consists of four levels, meant to coincide with a student’s four years at Fairfield University. Students may, however, opt to start or progress in the program at a speed that is comfortable for them. The objectives are meant to build upon one another, but do not necessarily have to be done in consecutive order.

Hear what students learned from alumni at a recent Junior Career Night.

Level 1: Career Exploration And Assessment


  • Educate students on the tools and resources they will need and can use to succeed
  • Help students explore and start to think about majors/minors, study abroad and other opportunities that will enhance their overall education
  • Offer self-assessment opportunities and begin to build skills like communication
  • Reward extracurricular involvement (club involvement, athletics, community service)
  • Draft a college resume
Students discuss during an event.

Level 2: Professional Skills Development


  • Help students develop the skills and documents (resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile) they will need to succeed in the professional world
  • Educate students more on experiential learning opportunities
A Fairfield student getting her professional picture taken.

Level 3: Gain Experience


  • Gain experience through experiential learning and take on leadership roles
  • Offer networking opportunities
  • Continue to develop interview skills and fine-tune resumes and other key documents
Undergrad student performing a mock interview

Level 4: Connect And Embark


  • Utilize skills to focus on job search
  • Continue to network and build connections
  • Begin to learn about the transition from college to career
  • Develop essential financial literacy skills

The DSB Professional Development Series utilizes Parson’s Trait and Factor Theory, Krumboltz’s Planned Happenstance Theory and Donald Super’s Life-Span Development Theory.

Many Fairfield undergrad students talking to a business specialist.

How To Participate

To participate in the Professional Development Series please register for PDS events on OrgSync. For questions contact Sarah Bollinger-Feiner M.Ed., director of Internships and Professional Development or drop in on her Quick Question Office Hours Tuesday –Thursday from 2pm-3:30pm in DSB 1121.

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Levels 3 & 4 are made possible with the generous support of

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