BEST Classroom


‌‌Welcome to the Business Education Simulation and Trading (BEST) Classroom web page. BEST is located in DSB 114. A resource room (DSB 113) also has Bloomberg software installed on three workstations that is accessible any time DSB is open with your Stagcard.

The classroom has:

  • BEST classroom stock ticker and a data wall displaying real time quotes
  • 34 workstations loaded with software including:
    • RITC (Rotman Interactive Trader) for market trading simulations
    • Bloomberg terminals with up to the minute business and economic news and data
    • Research Insight including Compustat and Global Vantage containing financial information on every publicly trading company in the world
    • CRSP with stock returns for all U.S. companies
  • Two screens in the front of the room enable the projection of two different images simultaneously

BEST Software & Hardware Peripherals

Bloomberg real time data feeds from many market exchanges and proprietary news services from around the world. Bloomberg analytics includes historical financial price data, economic statistics from all countries, and financial, political, and business news.



Trans-Lux: Data wall & display tickers are in the BEST Classroom and displays stock prices, indices, and foreign exchange rates in real time.

Useful Financial & Business Websites

Business News Websites



PRNewswire: Industry & company sources including conference calls

The Economist

Business Week


For any back issues of magazines & newspapers (other than WSJ) use the library online resources - Lexis Nexis.

For newswires use Infotrac.


Investment Information - Analysis & Data

Very detailed items - can find which mutual funds hold particular stocks & how much (for example)

Multex's site is within Yahoo - good company overviews, comparisons & very good financial data

Futures contracts daily data from 1970s (free)

Bond Prices

Good site for rankings of corporations, energy production, etc.

Finance websites: tools


International & Historical Data

Historical data & international data - some free, most for a fee:
Global Financial Data

Lots of data - historical, etc., government data (unemployment, etc.) - market data is older (but you can get it more recent elsewhere

Government & Institutional Data

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

European Central Bank (EURO)

Megasites with Links to Many Other Sites

Ohio State site for finding just about anything financial w/search engine

Index of website with financial info

Other Sites of Interest

Excel add-in - stock ticker too (Java)

(If you find some other interesting sites please send URL to

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