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Good business begins with good decisions. Like this one.

Fairfield University’s Charles F. Dolan School of Business boasts experienced faculty who teach students the fundamentals, ethics, and new developments in business on a local and global scale. Using an engaging, interpersonal approach, you will participate in group problem solving, casework, and computer simulations, providing you a strong foundation on which to build a successful business career. Most importantly, your study of business will reflect the 500-year-old Jesuit tradition of academic rigor and personal reflection, which will in turn provide an understanding of the larger ethical, moral, and global context of your life and your work.



Dolan School Learning Goals

All students enrolled in the BS degree program at the undergraduate level, regardless of major, are expected to achieve the following proficiencies:

  1. Thinking & Expression- Upon graduation, students will demonstrate that they are able to: 1) think critically and analyze information using both qualitative and quantitative data, 2) convey their thoughts clearly and concisely in writing.
  2. Leading, Teambuilding & Presenting- Upon graduation, students will demonstrate their abilities to: 1) effectively work on teams, 2) take leadership roles, and 3) effectively influence others via oral presentations.
  3. Acting Ethically, Responsibly & Legally- Upon graduation, students will be able to: 1) identify, respond to and provide solutions for both ethical and legal dilemmas, and 2) understand the social responsibility of business.
  4. Acquiring Discipline-Specific Knowledge- Upon graduation, students will demonstrate content knowledge in a particular discipline (accounting, finance, IS/OM, management, marketing).

The Programs



The Accounting program offers students a complete liberal arts education combined with an innovative and integrated approach to business studies. Through the program, students acquire the conceptual and technical knowledge to develop, measure, analyze, and validate financial information.

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Economics - Business

Economics majors in the Dolan School of Business will test the claims of theory against the everyday experience of the marketplace. Courses develop reasoning capacity and analytical ability in students.

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The Finance program at the Charles F. Dolan School of Business is designed to develop individual competency in the financial tools and analysis that help organizations stay informed and make wise fiscal decisions. Through the use of case studies and computer-based problem solving, the finance major blends theory and practice.

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Information Systems & Operations Management

The Information Systems and Operations Management (ISOM) Department is designed to educate students to analyze, design, implement, and manage technology-driven business solutions.

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International Business

The International Business program is designed to lead students to an understanding of the important issues and strategies utilized by global organizations to manage in a cross-cultural environment.

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The Management program offers an innovative approach to the leadership, strategic planning and decision-making in business organizations.

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The Marketing program offers students the opportunity to study marketing in the contexts of a broad liberal education and a dynamic and flexible business curriculum.

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Core Requirements

Course Areas Credits
A. General Education Core Curriculum Requirements 63
B. Business Core Requirements 27
C. Courses in the Major Field 18
D. Business Elective  3
E. Free Electives 12
Total required credits: 123
Total required courses: 41

The General Education Core

The general education core curriculum provides a truly liberal education, drawing upon five major areas of knowledge. For each of these five areas of competency, business majors select courses as follows:

Area I: Mathematics and Natural Sciences

  • Three semesters of mathematics (MA 121 or MA 171, MA 122 or MA 172, and MA 217).
  • Two semesters of a natural science.


Area II: History and Social Science

  • Two semesters of history. HI 30 is required.
  • EC 11 Introduction to Microeconomics
  • EC 12 Introduction to Macroeconomics


Area III: Philosophy and Religious Studies

  • Two semesters of philosophy. PH 10 is required followed by a 100-level course.
  • Two semesters of religious studies. RS 10 is required.
  • AE 291 Business Ethics


Area IV: English and Visual and Performing Arts

  • EN 11 Composition and Prose Literature
  • EN 12 Introduction to Literature and Writing the Research Paper
  • One semester of English literature. Course must have a number designation of 100 or greater, not including EN/W courses.
  • Two semesters of visual and performing arts. One semester must be in the art history, music history, theatre history, or film history.


Area V: Modern and Classical Languages

  • Two semesters (at least at the intermediate level) of any language listed among the offerings of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures or the Classical Studies Program.


Diversity Requirements*

All students must complete one U.S. and one world diversity course from a designated list of courses. The courses may be chosen from the University core, business core, major, or electives.

Business Core Requirements (27 credits)

These courses should be completed in the first year:

  • AC 11 Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • AC 12 Introduction to Managerial Accounting
  • IS 100 Introduction to Information Systems

These courses should be completed in the second year:

  • FI 101 Introduction to Finance
  • MG 101 Introduction to Management in Organizations
  • MK 101 Principles of Marketing
  • OM 101 Introduction to Operations Management

This course may not be taken until the junior year:

  • BU 211 Legal Environment of Business

This course may not be taken until the senior year:

  • MG 300 Business Strategies in the Global Environment

Business major requirements (18 credits)

Descriptions and requirements of each of the six majors are detailed in the respective departmental sections that follow. Course descriptions are also included. Courses specific to the international studies/international business major are described under International Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences section of this catalog.

Business Elective (3 credits)

Each of the majors in the Dolan School of Business requires the completion of one business elective course of three credits. This elective course may be taken from any business offering, including an internship, provided all prerequisites are met.

Free Electives (12 credits)

All business students must complete four free electives totaling 12 credits. A free elective is a course chosen by students without any restrictions related to their majors. Students can use the free electives towards a double major or a minor.

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