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Research Grants & Funding For Current Students

We encourage all of our students to get involved in research, even during their time as undergraduates. Not only does it open up scholarship opportunities, it takes the knowledge you gain in the classroom and lets you apply it to real life projects and situations. In other words, you'll learn more than you ever thought possible about any subject you want to tackle.

Research & Travel Grants
Fund Name Purpose Majors
The McGauley Family Faculty/Student Research Endowment To support faculty/student research and curriculum development. College of Arts & Sciences
Dr. Robert and Patricia Femia Science Endowment To provide assistance for science faculty/ student research and mentorship and student leadership development opportunities. Science
Hardiman Scholars Fund To provide funds for students to engage in research projects, including 1) materials and resources; 2) travel to engage in research or present their research fi ndings at a conference or similar venue; and 3) housing while research is being completed. All Majors
Lawrence Family Faculty Student Mentor Program To promote faculty-student mentoring and research opportunities University-wide. Preference to the Egan School of Nursing & Health Studies and College of Arts & Sciences
Mancini Family Faculty Student Research Fund To provide funds for student and faculty research in the College of Arts and Sciences. College of Arts & Sciences
Kathleen McGuinness Mentorship Program To provide assistance for faculty/student research & mentorship and student leadership development opportunities. All Majors
The Risica Family Faculty/Student CAS History Department Research Fund To support the history department faculty who are engaged in research and mentoring with undergraduate students within the College of Arts & Sciences, as well as students doing historical research outside the History Department. Preference to History Majors
Emily and Daniel E. Brennan, Sr. Endowed Fund To support undergraduate immersion and international University sponsored experiences. All Majors
Vincent Rosivach Collaborative Research Fund To promote co-operative faculty-student research on the undergraduate level, especially in areas where such research is not common practice. All Majors
Thomas J. Hulseman '87 Current Use Fund for Student Global Experiential Learning Provides funding for students who require financial assistance to fulfill their wish to travel to foreign countries as part of their educational experience at Fairfield. All Majors

Innovative Research Symposium

Students who engage in research and travel grants will present their research projects at the annual Innovative Research Symposium in April. The Symposium showcases the rich diversity of student research from across academic disciplines, including Capstone Nursing and Health Studies projects, research by Sigma Xi students in the natural sciences, mathematics, and psychology, and undergraduate, graduate, and independent projects.


Students who pursue research and travel grants are required to present at the Innovative Research Symposium. Additional requirements are noted below and may vary by grant. Please contact the Office of the Provost for specifi c requirements.

Undergraduate GPA 3.0+; Graduate GPA 3.5+; Team Average GPA 3.0+

For more information please contact the Office of the Provost at

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