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Ambassadors To International Students

Office of Student Engagement, International Student Life

International Student Life is preparing to welcome over 50 new international students for the Spring of 2018. Many of these students will be coming to the United States for the very first time. In order to aid in their transition we are seeking the support of our current students who are interested in continuing their international engagement as International Student Ambassadors to International Students. Through this program you will gain great experiences that can help build your résumé, receive training in working with and mentoring international student populations, welcome students and act as support throughout their first semester in the US, help build language and social skills that many international students need, and much more! This International Student Ambassador program can result in building global connections and experiences. To learn more about the program and inquire about how to get started, please email international@fairfield.edu.

Beach Resident Advocacy Group (BRAG)

Office of Residence Life

The Beach Resident Advocacy Group (BRAG) is a senior class, student run organization for students living at Fairfield Beach. BRAG’s primary focus is to advocate for students at the beach, planning beach events, and promoting strong community relations with full-time residents living at the beach. BRAG is open to any student currently released to live off-campus at the beach. Executive board is selected in the Spring. To join, please contact the Office of Residence Life.

CARE Leader

Office of Student Engagement/Office of Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs

With Social Justice Mediation Training, Community Advocate and Relationship Educators (CARE Leaders) play a pivotal role with supporting relationships across campus. CARE leaders work to cultivate healthy authentic relationships across campus, especially when tension exists within a community, team, etc. or between partners, roommates, etc. CARE Leaders work to develop students’ consciousness around social justice. They are responsible for cultivating a community that allows for diverse students at Fairfield University to come together and engage in dialogue on difficult topics, such as racism, sexism, gender oppression, heterosexism, etc.

For more information contact Carrie Robinson, Assistant Director, crobinson3@fairfield.edu

Career Peer Advisors

Academic and Career Development Center

The Academic and Career Development Center Peer Advisor Program is a student leadership program for sophomore, junior, and senior students interested in helping their peers develop career readiness skills. Peer Advisors receive extensive training from the Academic and Career Development Center staff and use that knowledge to meet with and guide students in the Center. Students focus mainly on resume and cover letter critiques, navigating LinkedIn, and utilizing Stags4Hire. Students interested in the position should connect with Academic and Career Development Center, careers@fairfield.edu.

Club Sports & Intramurals

Office of Sport Clubs & Intramurals

The Sport Clubs and Intramural programs strive to provide leadership and competitive athletic opportunities for students. These programs provide an excellent avenue for students to enhance their knowledge and skills in a specific sport through social, cognitive, and physical experiences. Unlike varsity teams, club teams are just that - clubs. Therefore, each team is primarily organized and managed by students. Since Sport Clubs have more specific needs than most other student organizations, the Program Coordinator of Club Sports and Intramurals serves as the Sport Club Administrator. Intramural sports are an integral part of student life at Fairfield University. There are more than 25 different intramural activities, including full seasons, one day, or weekend tournaments. Separate divisions include men, women, and co-ed participation. The Intramural program is administered by student supervisors and officiated by student employees.

Commuter Peer Assistant

Office of Residential Life

The Office for Residence Life strives to create a welcoming and inclusive campus community and to maintain a comfortable and safe environment for all residential and commuter students. The Commuter Peer Assistant (CPA) is a full-time undergraduate student who serves as a University representative and is an integral member of the Office of Residence Life team in connecting Fairfield’s commuter student population to life at Fairfield. The CPA serves as a role model and develops key leadership skills. Responsibilities of the CPA include holding office hours in the commuter lounge, developing a sense of community within the commuter population, promoting the Jesuit and Catholic Mission of Fairfield, providing relevant programming that meets the unique needs of commuters.

Community Service Club Leader

Office of Campus Ministry

Becoming a Service Leader is a great way to get involved and make a bigger commitment to community service. Take on a leadership position with one of the many organizations currently connected with Campus Ministry or start a new one! Leadership roles include organizing ongoing local community service projects, recruiting volunteers, developing relationships with Greater Bridgeport area non-profit organizations and more. Please contact Katie Byrnes, Campus Minister for Social Justice & Community Engagement, at kbyrnes@fairfield.edu .

Cura Personalis Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program

Cura Personalis Mentor provides one-on-one mentorship for first-year students to become acclimated to life at college and build a foundation for success during their years at Fairfield University. Peer Mentors participate in regular one-on-one and group mentor meetings where first-year students receive useful knowledge regarding the many available campus resources and develop meaningful friendships with other mentees and mentors. Several topics that mentors discuss with their first-year mentees include time management, wellness, spirituality, leadership, character and personal growth, and career development. Interested students should contact the Office of Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs.

Applications Available: February
Interview & Selection Process: March/April

Disney Leadership Program

Join us in January for a 4-night, 5-day leadership journey at Disney World in Orlando, Florida! Led by Academic & Career Development Center staff members Megan Webster and Cathleen Borgman, and our Disney Leadership Program Student Leader, this trip will provide hands on experience in learning about the magic of leadership through the Walt Disney Company. Students can expect to participate in three Disney Youth Education Series workshops, focused on leadership strategies, teamwork and creative problem solving. Prior to take off in January, our group of 20 will meet several times to get to know each other before the trip and to learn about Disney’s leadership philosophies and practices through Lee Cockrell’s Making Magic: Ten Common Sense Leadership Strategies from a Life at Disney. We hope to make this trip a wonderful, magical, leadership driven journey and can’t wait for you to join us! Informational sessions, which are required in order to be eligible to apply, are held annually in early September with applications due shortly thereafter. Please check Life@Fairfield in early September for more information.

Any questions? Please e-mail lead@fairfield.edu

Diversity Intern Of Undergraduate Admissions

Office of Admissions

An internship in the Office of Admission allows students to gain insight into the admission and recruitment practices of Fairfield University. Through the many different efforts and services the office provides, student interns will have the opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of situations, and to build upon their professional, communication and creative skills. This particular internship will be a year-long assignment that assists the Office of Admission in expanding its efforts to recruit and yield a diverse class of students.


  • Assist with diversity recruitment efforts which may include:
    • Contact prospective AHANA students
    • Arrange off-site interviews with counselors
    • Help facilitate campus visits for individuals and groups
    • Confirm and/or possibly attend high school visits and/or fairs
    • Conduct research regarding diverse students and populations
    • Coordinate the “Hometown High” initiative for diversity feeder schools
  • Serve as the Student Chair for the Multicultural Visit Program (MVP)
    • Assist in event planning
    • Coordinate student involvement and serve as on-site contact for evening of the event
    • Serve as creative director for evening activities
  • Assist in coordinating the Community Partnership Scholarship program
    • Communicate with enrolled Community Partner Scholarship recipients
    • Assist in planning admitted student receptions for the Community Partnership schools
  • Assist in coordinating diversity recruitment team
    • Schedule roundtables to inform diversity practices
    • Assist in coordinating outreach to diverse applicant pool
    • Set meeting times and locations
    • Inform current students about meetings
    • Assist in engaging students from diverse backgrounds in admission and recruitment related activities
  • Serve as a member of the Office of Admission’s Student Advisory Board, providing insight and recommendations on the admission practice and strategy
  • Be trained to give campus tours and interviews if needed
  • Other duties as assigned


Student interns should be a junior or senior prepared to work between 10 and 12 hours per week in the office, including some evening and weekend hours. Presence may be needed at major Admissions events, which include Focus on Fairfield, Magis and MVP. Schedules should be set at the beginning of each semester, but some flexibility is allowed. Dress should be casual but neat, and professional on days when appropriate. Since many times the Admissions interns are looked upon and are asked to represent the professional staff of the office, their demeanor (especially in public) is expected to be professional at all times.


  • Students will earn 3 credits upon faculty and registrar approval
  • A $500 stipend will be provided
  • Experience in event planning, strategic planning, data analysis, communications/public relations, outreach, marketing, management, professional writing, public speaking and researching

For more information, please contact Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Nakia N. Létang, at nletang@fairfield.edu.

Fairfield @ Night (F@N) Event Managers & Event Staff

Office of Student Engagement

Fairfield @ Night (F@N) Event Managers and Event Staff members are responsible for working with the Office of Student Engagement in the planning and implementation of Fairfield at Night initiatives, which aim to provide consistent late-night programming on Friday and Saturday nights between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m. Together, Event Managers and Event Staff work as a team to execute these late-night programs, including set-up, breakdown, and overall event management; they are responsible for selecting, planning, and marketing their events. Some of the traditional F@N events include: South Side Café, Fairfield Flicks, the Bingo Series, and Late Night at the RecPlex. Fairfield at Night team members may also be asked to assist with other programming initiatives that the Office is working on such as: Alumni & Family Weekend, Midnight Breakfast, awards ceremonies, etc. Event Manager and Event Staff hours are worked on a flexible basis, as students sign up for events that fit in their personal schedules. Fairfield @ Night team members are dedicated, passionate, and hardworking individuals who have an interest in both programming and event planning. Members are compensated $10.10/hour (current minimum wage) for the events and planning hours that they work.

For more information, please contact engagement@fairfield.edu.

Fairfield University Student Association (FUSA)

Office of Student Engagement

As the governing body for all full-time undergraduate students at Fairfield University, the Fairfield University Student Association (FUSA) shall be charged with the following roles: to represent and advocate student issues, needs and concerns; to promote a diverse array of social, educational and cultural programs and initiatives; to be a valuable partner in the administrative processes of the school; to aid in the development of student clubs and organizations; and to govern ourselves in a manner that is both respectful of individual rights and consistent with the needs of the University and the larger community. FUSA seeks to create a governing association that is accessible and transparent to all students and consistent with Jesuit values. These charges are carried out by a diverse group of students that hold leadership positions within the FUSA governing structure, and include both elected and appointed positions. FUSA is comprised of three branches: the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch. The FUSA Executive Branch includes the FUSA Executive Cabinet, the Council of Student Organizations (COSO), the FUSA Marketing & Public Relations Board, the FUSA Programming Board, the Treasury Board, and the Diversity & Inclusion Board. In addition, the FUSA Senate resides within the FUSA Legislative Branch, and the FUSA Court resides within the Judicial Branch. Additionally there are numerous other leadership positions available via the 90+ recognized clubs and organizations here at Fairfield.

For more information, please email fusa@fairfield.edu.

Group Exercise Instructors

Recreation (RecPlex)

Share your passion for a healthy lifestyle and help your fellow students, as well as the University Community, get in shape and have a great time in the process! The Department of Recreation hires certified group fitness instructors. Prospective candidates will possess the following prior to applying:

  • Instructor certification from ACE, AFAA or other nationally accredited specialty class certification required.
  • AED/CPR/First Aid certification
  • Excellent motivational and interpersonal skills as well as a strong commitment to customer service.

For more information, please contact Betsy Blagys, Program Coordinator of the Department of Recreation, at (203) 254-4140 or eblagys@fairfield.edu.

Immersion Trip Leader

Office of Campus Ministry

Immersion Trips through Campus Ministry allow students to develop their leadership skills particularly in areas of reflection, critical thought, and faith development. Student leaders guide groups on an experience to learn about the issues being faced by that area. Past service experiences include domestic places such as Flat Gap, Kentucky; Houston, Texas; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Miami, Florida. International experiences have taken place in Jamaica, Nicaragua, Ecuador, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, and Brazil. Our leaders facilitate all group meetings and reflections prior to, during, and after the experience. These leadership opportunities are unique in that they take Fairfield students outside of their comfort zones, placing them in environments unfamiliar to them, which can be challenging. All of our student leaders have previously participated in their own immersion experience, and are able to walk with students through what can be a very challenging, transformative experience, while providing a welcoming space to build community among the group. Please contact Kevin Molloy, Campus Minister for Domestic and International Immersion at kmolloy@fairfield.edu.

Inter-Residential Housing Association (IRHA)

Inter-Residential Housing Association (IRHA) is the student government association representing all students living on-campus and is aimed to promote all aspects of living on-campus. It is the voice of the students where they live.  IRHA promotes a residential community that is grounded in our Jesuit values. IRHA unites all the campus residence halls, townhouses, and apartments and works to promote the general welfare of residential living through the development and improvement of the physical and social environment in each community. IRHA is open to all students living on-campus through its General Assembly branch made up of each area’s Residence Hall Association (RHA). RHAs meet weekly in their residential community and come together bi-weekly in General Assembly to discuss issues related to the individual residential communities as well to vote on items that affect residence life campus wide. To join IRHA, please talk to your Area Coordinator or any RA. You can also find us on Life@Fairfield.

Living Leadership

Academic and Career Development Center

This upcoming Spring 2018 semester the Academic and Career Planning Center for the first time ever is offering Living Leadership for upperclassmen (sophomores, juniors & seniors) who have already completed Redefining Leadership. We have been hard at work developing this program due to the question we always received at the end of Redefining Leadership... "what's next?" Like Redefining Leadership, this program will span the spring semester and will meet weekly to provide services that support the education of the whole person and assists students with their leader self-development. In addition, this program will look at the "living" side of leadership - How does one put their leadership style into action? How do we talk about it? How do we actively become inclusive and culturally competent leaders? How does it apply to our career and life after Fairfield? We will be accepting applications through the start of the spring semester. Please email lead@fairfield.edu with any questions.

New Student Leader (NSL)

Office of Student Engagement

The New Student Leader positions are exceptional leadership opportunities that offer many challenges and rewards to grow as a paraprofessional. The mission of Fairfield University's Office of Student Engagement is to introduce new students to the developmental resources, unique opportunities, and engaging experiences afforded them while attending Fairfield University. Through a comprehensive and collaborative effort, we welcome students to a community of active and service-oriented leaders who are eager to assist them in the understanding and appreciation of the unique experience Fairfield University offers as a Catholic university in the Jesuit tradition.

Peer Conduct Board Members

Office of the Dean of Students

The Peer Conduct Board, composed entirely of students, is trained and supported under the auspices of the Office of the Dean of Students in hearing student conduct matters. The board provides peer-to-peer assessment in the campus conduct process and handles matters of lower severity. The Peer Conduct Board is an effective vehicle for students to engage in self-governance in the area of student conduct. Student Members of the Peer Conduct Board can come from any major/discipline (i.e., it's not just for students interested in the law!). Interested students should obtain an application form by visiting BCC 408 or connect with Assistant Dean of Students Allison Berger at ext. 4211.

Redefining Leadership

Academic and Career Development Center

Every year during the spring semester, the Academic & Career Development Center offers a leadership program explicitly for first-year students. This program will provide services that support the education of the whole person and assists students with their leader self-development. Many "graduates" of the program have gone on to do big things both on and off-campus here at Fairfield! First-year students who elect to participate in this co-curricular program will be studying leadership while applying their new knowledge and skills to personal life experiences through the duration of the spring semester - a fourteen week period. They will learn to apply leadership skills in ways that will support their future careers as well as their civic identity. In addition they will utilize multiple forms of interactive learning and self-reflection through discussions, activities, and two assessments (CliftonStrengths for Students as well as MBTI). Applications go live after Thanksgiving break and are typically due just before Finals Week.

Any questions? Please e-mail lead@fairfield.edu

Resident Assistant (RA)

Office of Residential Life

The Office of Residence Life strives to create a welcoming and inclusive campus community and to maintain a comfortable and safe environment for all residential and commuter students. The Resident Assistant (RA) serves as a leader in our campus communities and as a University representative. RAs are essential to the facilitation of the social, academic, and personal development of all undergraduate students. The RA is responsible for developing a strong sense of community, role-modeling leadership behaviors, and serving as a go-to resource for students. The RA develops a sense of community among residents, cultivate relationships with the students while implementing our Catholic and Jesuit mission. The position is a multifaceted leadership position which requires skills in several different areas including strong self-awareness, genuine care for others, and a desire to lead and serve others. The job description below is intended to give you a sense of the types of responsibilities you will have in the role. Applications are due Feb 2 and can be accessed through the Life@Fairfield.

Retreat Leaders

Office of Campus Ministry

There are opportunities to serve as a leader for various retreats including First-Year Retreat and Kairos Retreats. In the spirit and tradition of Ignatian Spirituality, Campus Ministry offers several retreat experiences to meet a wide range of spiritual needs. Escape Retreat is an opportunity for first-year students to get away and have conversations about faith, friendships, and the journey ahead at Fairfield University. Kairos, adapted to mean "God's time", is an intensive, three day, weekend experience that invites close examination of our relationships with God, ourselves, and others in a communal and reflective setting. Please contact Fiona Shovlin, Campus Minister for Retreats, at fshovlin@fairfield.edu

Senior Week Positions

Office of Student Engagement

Senior Week Intern(s)

The Senior Week Intern works closely with the Assistant Director of Student Engagement to organize all aspects of Senior Week. Individuals in this position must have had a position on the Senior Week team in the past. They are responsible for scheduling and leading facilitation of Senior Week Chair interviews and selection, collaborate with advisor on marketing of week, ticket sales & promotional materials as well as planning the Senior Week Retreat & weekly chair meetings. They act as the main route of communication between the team while working hard to motivate and mentor team members. The intern(s) also coordinates the team’s apparel, collaborates with the media center for weekly event coverage and creates the senior week daily schedule, among other duties as assigned.

For questions please contact seniorweek@fairfield.edu.

Service Learning Associate (SLA)

Center for Faith and Public Life’s Office of Service Learning

The Service Learning Associates (SLA) program offers paid positions in the Center for Faith & Public Life to undergraduate students. Service Learning Associates work with a faculty partner to support a service-learning course which aligns with the Associate's academic background and interests. SLAs assist their faculty partner with multiple course-related activities such as maintaining communication with community partners, helping students in the course to schedule their service learning experiences, coordinating transportation, and supporting the facilitation of reflection exercises. The Center for Faith & Public Life staff provide trainings and professional development opportunities for SLAs related to service learning, community engagement, and civic and social responsibility. Applications are accepted at the end of each semester, and preference is given to students who have previously completed a service learning course.

For more information, contact the Office of Service Learning in the Center for Faith & Public Life: servicelearning@fairfield.edu.

Tour Ambassadors

Office of Undergraduate Admission

The Office of Undergraduate Admission is looking for Tour Ambassadors to share their personal experiences and love for Fairfield with prospective students and their families. As a Tour Ambassador you would help the office conduct weekly tours and assist during important Open House Visits and other Admission events. As part of your tour, you will cover the various aspects of student life (academic, social, recreational, spiritual), as well as the many opportunities that Fairfield University has to offer. Ambassadors gain important skills such as public speaking, problem solving, and are able to network with other members of the Fairfield University community.

If you are interested in applying please contact both Assistant Directors and Tour Ambassador Coordinators for the Office of Undergraduate Admission, Elizabeth Zec, at ezec@fairfield.edu and Paul Hovey, at phovey1@fairfield.edu.

Residential College Alumni Mentors

Office of Residence Life

Alumni mentors for the Sophomore Residential Colleges are juniors or seniors who have gone through the Residential College program. Responsibilities of the Alumni mentors include working with the mentors of the programs to help facilitate the monthly Mentoring Community meetings and activities and attending an overnight retreat once a semester and any other major events of the Residential Colleges. In this role, alumni mentors will help students examine what’s going on in their lives, develop the habit of reflection and consider the 3 questions of the programs and their sense of vocation.

Interested students, please contact Jodie Fitzpatrick, Assistant Director of Residence Life at rescolleges@fairfield.edu.

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