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The "Disability Advocates Network" is composed of student leaders, faculty, and staff members who have attended a workshop by the Accessibility within the Academic and Career Development Center. The members of the network have been provided with information on how to best support individuals with disabilities by learning about disability awareness, available on campus resources, and how students can request reasonable accommodations through the Accessibility within the Academic and Career Development Center. The network’s goal is to provide Fairfield University community members with a front line of approachable individuals who are knowledgeable and safe to discuss disability related matters with.

Members of the “Disability Advocates Network” receive a badge upon completion of participating in the workshop and are encouraged to keep this badge on display in a visible location (ex. office or residence hall door, a copy of the badge may be included on a professor’s syllabus, etc.). In addition to several student leaders on campus, please find a list of faculty and staff members of the network below. If any Fairfield University members are interested in joining the network, please e-mail acdc@fairfield.edu to inquire about upcoming workshops available for you and your club, organization, and/or department to attend.

*Students, Faculty and Staff members who belong to the Disability Advocates Network do not have the authority on campus to collect disability related documentation or to determine a student's eligibility for accommodations. Students seeking academic accommodations should submit their paperwork directly to the Accessibility within the Academic and Career Development Center and meet with the Director of Accessibility to discuss appropriate accommodations.

Faculty & Staff Disability Advocates

Allison Berger Dean Of Students Office
Susan Birge Counseling & Psychological Services
Phyllis Braun Biology
Diane Brousseau Biology
Patricia Calderwood Curriculum & Instruction
Dawn DeBiase School of Business
Karen Donoghue Dean Of Students Office
John Feeney Chemistry
Olivia Harriott Biology
Nicole Heller Student Programs & Leadership Development
Caitlin Hughes Visual & Performing Arts
Kamala Kiem Student Programs & Leadership Development
Suzanna  Klaf Center for Academic Excellence
Joan Lee Accounting
Andrea Martinez Arts & Sciences
David McFadden History
Christina McGowan Library, DiMenna-Nyselius
Laura McSweeney Mathematics
Kim Nickolenko Career Planning Center
Susan Peterson Arts & Sciences
Heather Petraglia Academic Support & Retention
Roxann Riskin Library, DiMenna-Nyselius
Caridad Rivera Project Excel
Tracey Robert Graduate School of Education
Mark Scalese Visual & Performing Arts

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