Honors Program

Letter from the Directors

Dear Scholar,

The Fairfield University Honors Program invites highly accomplished and motivated students to participate in an engaging and enriching course of study where intensive academic classes are connected to meaningful experiential learning.

The Honors Program frames educational opportunities that are intellectually rigorous and based on foundational and advanced work in interdisciplinary thematic areas. Our courses promote social justice, creative and critical thinking, and global awareness, and our students are empowered through resources within the Program, as well as the larger Fairfield community.

As the new co-directors of the Honors Program, we are excited to be providing a new and improved learning environment designed for students just like you. In addition to an Honors curriculum facilitated by the finest faculty at Fairfield, the program also offers dedicated housing, mentoring and advising from our advisory board members, peer mentors and a high-tech lounge for collaborating in groups, socializing or studying. You will also have access to specially designed co-curricular programs and activities, as well as internship and research opportunities with Program alumni and faculty. These opportunities include a special summer study abroad program in Athens, exclusive registration for honors classes and more.

If you are a curious, motivated, and dedicated student, the Honors Program is a diverse community of scholars. Please feel free to contact us with questions, and we look forward to meeting you at an admitted students day this spring.


Dr. Laura Nash, Associate Professor of Music

Dr. Giovanni Ruffini, Associate Professor of Classical Studies


Program Overview

Fairfield University’s Honors Program engages talented students from each of University’s undergraduate schools in a rewarding and challenging program of study that offers an integrated series of courses and seminars. Students are encouraged to be active participants in the learning process and to develop and share emerging ideas with their classmates and professors. The program complements both the core curriculum and major fields of study, while still allowing students to pursue minor fields and elective courses.

The Honors Program teaches students to ask the larger questions that transcend any single discipline and to explore connections between disciplines. This enriched learning environment fosters stimulating class discussions and encourages a deeper level of learning that pushes the boundaries of knowledge. The program's advanced course of study culminates in a capstone experience that involves a research paper, or similar product, appropriate to each student’s discipline.

Under the guidance of the University’s most distinguished professors, the honors curriculum helps students maximize their educational opportunities while encouraging them to pursue their passions and use their talents to make meaningful contributions to society.

Maintenance of a minimum GPA of 3.33 is required for continued membership in the Honors Program.

Program Benefits

Honors students have access to a variety of exclusive benefits and services including, but not limited to:

  • Early move-in dates and dedicated first-year housing in the University’s Honors Living and Learning Community with resident assistants who are also members of the program
  • Personal mentoring and advising from members of the Honors Program advisory council
  • Invitations to special events and co-curricular activities specifically designed for honors students
  • A dedicated study suite with state-of-the-art equipment and kitchen
  • Innovative classes instructed by Fairfield’s most distinguished faculty
  • The opportunity to participate in a special summer study abroad experience in Athens, Greece

Student Testimonials

Julianne Hulin

Nursing and Music Major

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“The Honors Program at Fairfield University has allowed me to take unique and innovative classes that I otherwise would not be able to fit into my schedule. I enjoy participating in thoughtful and challenging in-class discussions with my peers and am extremely grateful for the many academic and social opportunities made available to me through this program.”


Jessica Jalbert

Psychology and Music Major
Education Minor

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“The honors program has been an eye-opening experience that has allowed me to broaden my intellectual horizons. The excellent professors and discussion-driven courses have helped me grow as a student and as a person. I highly recommend being a part of such a wonderful program because it truly enhances the overall college experience.”


Gianna Llewellyn

Film Major
Management Minor

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"The Honors Program is for students who want more than the ordinary education. The quality and quantity of knowledge you gain is astonishing, as well as addictive. It is the only educational experience I have had where you can participate in a full-on philosophical debate with your fellow peers and learn more than you thought possible inside and outside of the classroom."




Advisory Council


Joan L. Lee, CPA

Professor of Accounting



Dawn Massey, CPA

Professor of Accounting Coordinator
Graduate Accounting Program




Carl Scheraga

Chair and Professor of Business Strategy and Technology Management



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