Spring 2019 Service Learning Course Offerings

Course Number Course Title Faculty Service Learning Description

AC 344^

Individual Taxation: Socioeconomic Applications


Students prepare income tax returns for taxpayers eligible for free tax return preparation service through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program of the IRS. SerL

AY 135*~

NEW COURSE: Refugees and Culture in the Modern World Babo Students will work with recently resettled refugee youth and families through the Connecticut Institute for Refugees and Immigrants to support their transition to the United States. SerL
BI 218L Vertebrate Zoology Lab Byun Students will engage in various research projects at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo through the RIZE (Research, Internships, and Zoo Education) Program. SerL    

CO 341/497*

End of Life Communication Pagano Students engage an applied approach to the study of end-of-life health communication, providing service to community members in hospice care who are terminally ill. SerL

ED 200^

Explorations in Education: Teaching, Learning and Schooling Storms

Students explore the social construction of teaching and learning by assisting in classrooms at Cesar Batalla School in Bridgeport. SerL

ED 329 Philosophy of Education: An Introduction Crandall Students will engage with local K-12 students to explore theories and applications of education. SerL
ED 431 Extending Literacy in the Elementary School: Grades 3-6 Colwell Students will explore literacy methods while engaging Language Arts classrooms in Cesar Batalla School in Bridgeport. SerL
EN 126* American Social Protest Literature Bodach Students will engage in a book club with 8th graders from Claytor Academy in Bridgeport. SerL
EN 213 Shakespeare Kelley Students will facilitate a Shakespeare learning community and drama club with 8th graders from Claytor Academy in Bridgeport. SerL
EN/W 339^ Grant and Proposal Writing Sobocinski  Students will write grants for several local non-profits to support the growth and development of the organization’s programs in line with its mission. SerL
NS 330~ Community, Public, and Global Health Nursing Mager Students will work with community partners to establish sustainable, evidence-based interventions to address the identified health concern in a geographic area or population. Students will have hte option to travel to Nicaragua over spring break to engage in a public health service learning immersion experience. SerL ISL
PO 272~ Politics of Humanitarian Action Leatherman Students will engage with the on-campus Refugee Youth Mentoring Program, where they will mentor recently resettled refugee youth from the Connecticut Institute for Refugees and Immigrants. Students will also have the option to travel to Greece over spring break to work with a European refugee resettlement agency and learn hands-on about the global refugee crisis. SerL ISL
PY 212^ Developmental Psychology for Majors with lab Primavera Students assist in Pre-K classrooms at the Early Learning Center at Hall Neighborhood House. SerL
PY 281G NEW COURSE: Special Topics in Psychology: Aging and Cognition Henkel This course will explore the biological and social changes that produce and interact with cognitive aging. Students will engage with local senior populations at an assisted living facility and at the Bigelow Senior Center. SerL
RS 235*^ Liberation Theology Molloy

Students partner with the Thomas Merton Center and the Bridgeport Rescue Mission to support community meal and food assistance programs that serve individuals and families struggling with housing insecurity and addiction. SerL

SerL = all students in the course are required to participate in service learning

SerL Option = students have a choice to participate in service learning as a final project and/or in lieu of another comparable project.

ISL = the course includes a required or optional travel service immersion experience

*Core Course
^ US Diversity Course

+ Sophomore Residential College Course 
~ World Diversity Course







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