Spring 2018 Service Learning Course Offerings

Course Number Course Title Faculty Service Learning Description

AC 344^

Individual Taxation: Socioeconomic Applications


Students prepare income tax returns for taxpayers eligible for free tax return preparation service through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program of the IRS. SerL

BI 319

Zoology Field Experience in Brazil Byun Students will be involved in various research projects in the rainforest in Brazil.  SerL ISL
CO 242* (2 sections) Alcohol, Addiction, and Culture Wills Students engaged service with local high school students, working together to strategize ways to talk about alcohol use and alcoholism and develop action plans that can help us all involved think, talk, and act with our own health and the health of our community in mind. SerL    

CO 341/497*

End of Life Communication Pagano Students engage an applied approach to the study of end-of-life health communication, providing service to community members in hospice care who are terminally ill. SerL

EC 185+*

Regional Economic Development LeClair

Students will examine regional economic development policies and outcomes in the greater Bridgeport area, with an emphasis on land use and its implications for sustainability, local food access and land preservation.  SerL

ED 200^ Explorations in Education: Teaching, Learning and Schooling Pacheco Students explore the social construction of teaching and learning by serving with Cesar Batalla school in Bridgeport. SerL
ED 431 Extending Literacy in the Elementary School: Grades 3-6 Colwell Students will explore literacy methods while engaging Language Arts classrooms in Cesar Batalla School in Bridgeport.   SerL
EN 459 Developmental Reading in the Secondary School Crandall With an intentional design for readings, content, research, and experience, students will have more opportunities to learn from the young people they will one day teach. This course asks Fairfield students to learn from the young people at Bassick High School as experts of their own literacy practices.   SerL
EG 260+ Robots Munden Students will participate in weekly mentoring of a youth robotics competition team to put into practice the principles learned in class, and to learn through community interaction from other students using robots to accomplish different feats. SerL
EN 12* Texts and Contexts II Bodach Students will anchor their own learning by teaching others, working with a youth-serving organization, Urban Impact, to collaborate on story-telling and writing. SerL
EN/W 290 Writing and Responding Boquet Students will work with teachers and students at Central High School to set up, train, and staff their new high school Writing Center.  Students will learn about literacy sponsorship, the function of writing centers, and will develop skills responding to writers in a variety of local contexts. The only prerequisite is EN 11.  It can be taken alongside EN 12.  It does not count as the 3rd English core but it will count towards an English major or minor.  SerL
EN/W 339^ Grant and Proposal Writing Sobocinski  Students will write grants for several local non-profits to support the growth and development of the organization’s programs in line with its mission. SerL
HS 200* Health Communication for Healthcare Professionals Pagano Students will volunteer at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital or Bridgeport Hospital working with patients and staff in healthcare delivery.  SerL
 NS 112 Health Care Delivery Systems  Planas Students work with local elementary schools, hospitals, or the Hope Dispensary low-cost pharmacy to create and implement health education initiatives. SerL Option
NS 330~ Community, Public, and Global Health Nursing Mager Students will work with their community partners to establish sustainable, evidence-based interventions to address the identified health concern in a geographic area or population. Students will have the option to travel to Nicaragua over spring break to engage in a public health service-learning experience. SerL ISL
PO 11* Political Institutions, Policy and Efficacy: Introduction to American Politics  Alphonso Students will participate in a community action project intended to give hands-on experiences in community issues and politics, serving groups with low political efficacy.  SerL
PO 141*~ African Politics Boryczka

Students work with the Connecticut Institute for Refugees and Immigrants to mentor refugee youth providing homework help or English language support.  SerL

PY 212^ Developmental Psychology for Majors with lab Primavera Students work with the Adrienne Kirby Family Literacy Project, doing literacy work and mentoring. SerL
RS 235*^ Liberation Theology Lakeland Molloy Students complete service learning projects -- focused on issues such as economic development, hunger, homelessness -- with community partners. 

SerL = all students in the course are required to participate in service learning
SerL Option = students have a choice to participate in service learning as a final project and/or in lieu of another comparable project.

*Core Course
^ US Diversity Course

+ Sophomore Residential College Course 
~ World Diversity Course







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