Connecting Students and Alumni for Career Exploration and Networking

Alumni Job Shadow 2019

December 20, 2018 – January 18, 2019 (Registration opens August 1)

One day can make a big difference in a student’s career path!

Fairfield’s Job Shadow program during winter break pairs students with alumni professionals across the Northeast and beyond for a day or half-day of rewarding career exploration.

Students have the chance to sharpen their career focus, network with Fairfield alumni in a field they’re interested in, and enhance their confidence. Alumni and their organizations likewise have the opportunity to connect with Fairfield students and build awareness of the culture and opportunities available in their field.



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Career Planning: Alumni Job Shadow Program

Alumni Hosts/Mentors

As Fairfield alumni, you have a lot to offer today’s students! As a Job Shadow mentor, your experience in the working world can have a powerful influence on current Fairfield undergraduates.

Whether you can devote a day, half day, or even a lunch meeting, your time is extremely beneficial to Fairfield students. Whatever your field, you’ll have the opportunity to introduce the careers, culture, and industry of your organization and share your own personal career experiences.

All industries are invited! The ones most requested by students include:

Advertising Media Production
Public Relations Marketing
Publishing Nursing
Medical Doctors Nonprofit
Counseling/psychology Sports Management and Marketing
(investment banking, corporate, financial services)


By September 29   Complete a profile form and register to host one, two, three, or more students at your organization for a full day, half-day, or lunch.

By November 30   Matched alumni mentors will be notified of the student(s) who will shadow them. (Those alumni who are not matched will also be notified. Matches are based on students’ choices of location and career.)

By December 4  Alumni should reply to students with details and itinerary.

December 20, 2018 – January 18, 2019 Job Shadow!

Suggested Shadow Day Activities:

To help you and your student(s) have a successful Job Shadow experience, we recommend that you share in advance an itinerary of what you anticipate the Shadow Day to be like. You may choose to have the student(s) for a full day, half-day, or lunch. They can spend the entire time with you, or you may have them visit with colleagues and alumni who work with you.

For the best student experience, we suggest that mentors...

  • Conduct informational interviews with Fairfield alumni and other employees within your organization. Schedule 15-minute chats with people in different positions within the organization.
  • Schedule time with HR to talk about future opportunities and hiring trends
  • Assign a short project relevant to their career interests or major
  • Explore potential career paths within the organization and the profession. Talk about your own career path since Fairfield.
  • Tour your organization’s facility
  • Review the student's resume
  • Review current trends in the industry
  • Bring student(s) to client and internal meetings
  • Q&A


Fairfield Juniors & Seniors

Sharpen your career focus… Network with alumni in your area of interest... Enhance your confidence… Spend a day with a Fairfield alum and see what your future could hold!

Job Shadow is an opportunity for you to observe first-hand a typical day on the job by accompanying Fairfield alumni through their workday. You’ll begin to understand the skills and attributes necessary to succeed in a particular field and gain a realistic picture of the everyday aspects of a workplace.

Participating students have majored in marketing, finance, psychology, biology, communication, engineering, nursing, media and film production, information systems, and international studies—to name a few. You do not have to have experience in the field. This experience is meant to be a chance to explore careers and network with alumni.

Typical Job Shadow Day

The format and schedule varies, but a typical Job Shadow day may include:

  • Observation of individual employees’ activities during their workday
  • Informational interviews with employees
  • Meetings with the president, CEO, department heads, or other individuals
  • Lunch with Fairfield alumni
  • A tour of the company

Companies participating in Fairfield’s Job Shadow program have included Gap Inc.; AOL, Inc.; NASDAQ; ESPN; Pfizer Inc.; GE; Google; Hearst Media Corporation; J.P. Morgan Securities, LLC; LinkedIn; Macy’s; Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; Brigham and Women's Hospital; Merrill Lynch; Morgan Stanley; PepsiCo; The Hartford; Unilever; and more.



By October 20   Complete your online application. ACDC matches students to an opportunity based on your request, career interest, and location. Applications will be available online by September 1.

November  Students must attend a mandatory orientation workshop to learn about the program goals and procedures, and how to prepare for your job shadow experience.

By December 1   Contact you alumni mentor directly to arrange for your Shadow Day experience.

December 20, 2018 – January 18, 2019 Job Shadow!



There is a mandatory Orientation in mid-November. If you participated last year there will be a “returner” Orientation.

During your Job Shadow experience, you are expected to arrive on time, dress appropriately, have done in-depth research into the organization, come with substantive questions, and be prepared to spend the day learning. You are also responsible for your own transportation.  

If you are matched you are expected to participate in the program. If, for any reason, you cannot participate after you have been matched, please notify ACDC immediately so we can match another student. ACDC will also notify the alumna/us.


For more information, e-mail Kim Nickolenko, Director of Internships, or call 203-254-4081.


 ‌Gina Curro ‘16

"Participating in the alumni job shadow gave me the opportunity to make connections within Boston Children's Hospital. I shadowed a nurse practitioner in the children's ICU and toured the hospital with a clinical nurse specialist who was also an alumni of Fairfield University. Not only did it confirm my passion for working at the hospital, but I was also able to keep in touch with the two alumni throughout the job application process. They passed on my resume to the nurse recruiters and I was able to put their names down on the application for references. Networking is extremely important in every profession, and participating in the alumni job shadow program brought me one step closer to getting my dream job!"

 ‌Lisa LaGratta '95 Amex

Volunteering to host a student for Fairfield University Job Shadow was important to me because it is an honest and effective way to teach the student about ‘the job’ and ‘the company’. Capturing these real insights and exposure to the day-to-day of the business, allows the student to achieve a more introspective, personal understanding of how their skills and interests would match up with their ideal job.

After the job Shadow Day I’ve had students say, “spending the day with you was very helpful because NOW I know what I want to do for my next internship or full-time job.” Before they began the job shadow day, they might have had an entirely different understanding. But, by spending the time with them to highlight how the business is run and what each job involves – it really helps guide them.

 ‌Ari Kilgore ‘16

“For my Job Shadow experience I went to two different tech companies. One in New York and one in Boston. Both of these jobs led me to interviews and after informal and formal interviews, job offers. One of the offers was for a sales development representative and the other was for a junior sales associate (a position that didn't exist but they were willing to make.) Although I didn't take either of the offers it gave me the knowledge and introduction to the industry that I wanted to be in after I graduate and led me to getting a job offer with a company in Boston. I would recommend anyone looking for a job to experience the job shadow program so they can either get a shot at a job at that place or in my sake to learn more about the industry and possible competitors.”

 ‌Mary-Jeanne Manning ‘85, RN, MSN, BC-PNP, CCRN
Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist
Medical/Surgical ICU
Boston Children’s Hospital

"Giving back to Fairfield has always been important to me. Joining the job shadow program allowed me to offer a student nurse my perspective and experience. This was a wonderful way to give back to a place that helped shape me to become the nurse I am today. Not only did I share my experience, but I benefitted from learning more about life at Fairfield today and all the improvements that have been made in the nursing program. It was a pleasure to connect with Fairfield in such a special way."

 ‌Christopher Van Akin ‘16

“Pre-medical students like myself are very fortunate to have the opportunity to connect with Stag Alumni who are physicians in various fields of medicine. The Fairfield University Job Shadow program does just that, as I was matched with an oncologist at the New York University Cancer Center in New York City, where I experienced medical oncology for the first time. Dr. Anna Pavlick was very welcoming and enthusiastic to have me visit, and she taught me a tremendous amount about the diseases and their treatments that she sees every day. I was also fortunate to meet a fourth-year medical student during my job shadow, which gave me the opportunity to learn more about what medical school is like. As a result of this job shadow, I extended my network of physicians and medical students, and gained exposure to oncology before medical school even begins.”

 ‌Meghan Reilly ‘17

“The Alumni Job Shadow Program at Fairfield allowed me to create numerous connections at WebMD in New York City. I shadowed a sales operations analyst who graduated from Fairfield in 2015 and introduced me to so many wonderful people within the company. Through these newly formed relationships, I received a request for an interview and the Fairfield alumna I was honored to be paired with continued to help me prepare for my interview. After several rounds of interviews and guidance from my new alumni mentor I received an offer for a position at the company. This program helped me to gain knowledge about what employers look for in potential candidates and allowed me to practice my interviewing skills. I would recommend this experience to anyone who is looking for a job after graduation, as Fairfield has a network of alumni who are willing to help as much as they can in order to see fellow Stags achieve success.”

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