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Earn Your Master's Degree in Just One Additional Year

Fairfield University’s accelerated bachelor’s/master’s programs allow qualified undergraduate students to earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in as few as five years, depending on the program. This accelerated pathway allows students to transition directly into one of the following master’s programs and earn a graduate degree in less time and at potentially less cost than when done separately.

Students choosing one of these options work with their undergraduate advisors to follow a specific sequence of undergraduate study before matriculating as a graduate student to complete their master’s degree. Each program has certain prerequisites, and all programs require the permission of the program director for entry.

The College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences has created an accelerated pathway for current, high-achieving undergraduate students who are interested in transitioning directly into one of their master's programs. Please follow the links below for information on the specific eligibility criteria, process, and timeline for each program.

MA in Communication

MFA in Creative Writing

MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

MS in Mathematics

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

School of Education and Human Development

In collaboration with the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Education and Human Development offers an accelerated bachelor's/master's teacher certification in elementary, secondary, and special education. It also offers a five-year MSW in social work in partnership with the Egan School of Nursing and Health Studies. Please follow the links below for information on the specific eligibility criteria, process, and timeline for each program.

Elementary Education

Secondary Education

Social Work (MSW)

Special Education

School of Engineering

MS in Biomedical Engineering

Fairfield offers a five-year accelerated BA/MS degree in Biomedical Engineering for undergraduates enrolled in the program. This dual degree program reduces the time to obtain a master’s by at least a year and provides experiential learning through research and design projects.

MS in Data Science

Fairfield University's Master of Science in Data Science program teaches the real-world skills needed to succeed in this interdisciplinary field that extracts knowledge and insights from data in structured and unstructured forms.

MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering

Fairfield University's Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering (MSECE) provides students with the knowledge and skills to innovate and lead in their chosen discipline, all within the framework of research and development in academic institutions, the industrial workplace, research laboratories or service organizations. 

MS in Management of Technology

Engineering management is a multidisciplinary field that integrates all engineering disciplines offered by Fairfield University with technology management, systems and business. This program broadens your academic options and allows you to pursue a combination in any of our existing BS engineering degrees with a Master of Science in the Management of Technology in just five years.

MS in Mechanical Engineering

The five-year program in mechanical engineering reduces the time to a master's degree by at least one year. Students follow the standard undergraduate curriculum for the first three years, and then complete the BS requirements during the fourth year while taking graduate courses. During the fifth year, students take an additional eight courses to complete the MS degree.

MS in Software Engineering

The five-year program in software engineering reduces the time to obtain a master's degree by at least one year.

Charles F. Dolan School of Business


MBA students who excel in their undergraduate business core courses may be able to finish the MBA on a full-time basis in one year. The MBA provides both a greater breadth of knowledge in key business disciplines, as well as advanced studies in at least one area of concentration.

MS in Accounting*

This one year, full-time cohort program begins each summer, at the end of May and concludes at the end of the following spring semester. One of the major benefits is the opportunity for the student to amass additional course credits in order to be “150 ready” for public accounting positions.

MS in Business Analytics

Business majors who excel in their undergraduate core courses may be able to earn their MS in Business Analytics in one additional year. The Business Analytics program begins each fall and empowers students to make sound, strategic business decisions based on a keen understanding of data and statistical methods.

MS in Finance

This highly specialized program of study can be completed on a full-time basis in one year, beginning each fall semester. Students seeking both advanced theory and practical applications/skill sets within the field of finance are strongly encouraged to consider this degree.

MS in Management

Specially designed for non-business majors, this one-year cohort program begins each summer and provides recent college graduates with fundamental business knowledge and focused career development.

*Unlike Fairfield University's other Five-Year programs, the MS in Accounting is open to graduates of other universities. Students must apply to the program through the Office of Graduate Admission.

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