Online Courses

Online Programs

Online courses are offered during the summer, fall, spring, and winter intersessions and accommodate current and visiting students interested in accelerating their degree program.

Spring Courses


37851 AE 0291 OL1 Business Ethics 1/28/19 3/15/19 Blackboard Lisa Sticca-Conrod
37852 AE 0291 OL2 Business Ethics 3/25/19 5/10/19 Blackboard Lisa Sticca-Conrod
38045 AE 0291 OL3 Business Ethics 1/22/19 4/30/19 Blackboard Jeffrey Yoder
38751 AH 0010 OL1 Origins and Transformations in Western Art 1/22/19 4/30/19 Blackboard Alison Poe
39120 AH 0011 OL1 Visual Culture Since 1400 1/22/19 4/30/19 Blackboard Lauren Cesiro
38755 AH 0121 OL1 Celtic and Early Irish Art 1/22/19 4/30/19 Blackboard   Marice Rose
37938 AY 0111 OL1 Cultural Anthropology 3/25/19 5/10/19 Blackboard Joseph Wilson
37806 AY 0180 OL1 Grant Writing for Social Sciences 1/22/19 4/30/19 Blackboard David Crawford
37592 CR 0320 OL1 Computer Networks 1/22/19 4/30/19 Blackboard Douglas Lyon
38362 EC 0012 OL1 Introduction to Macroeconomics 3/25/19 5/10/19 MyEconLab William Vasquez Mazariegos
37854 EN 0102 OL1 Introduction to Contemporary World Literature 3/25/19 5/10/19 Blackboard Sally O'Driscoll
37818 EN 0163 OL1 Literature of Illness and Healing 3/25/19 5/10/19 Blackboard Jacqueline Rinaldi
37720 FI 0330 OL1 Case Studies in Finance-ONLINE and Monday evenings from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. 1/22/19 4/30/19 Blackboard Thomas Conine
37892 PS 0078 OL1 The Nature of the Universe 1/28/19 3/15/19 Blackboard Joachim Kuhn
39058 PS 0078 OL1 The Nature of the Universe 3/25/19 5/10/19 Blackboard Joachim Kuhn
37661 RS 0101E OL1 Exploring Religion: Peoples of the Book, Sacred Texts and their Communities 1/28/19 3/15/19 Blackboard Jason Gaines
37895 RS 0101E OL2 Exploring Religion: Peoples of the Book, Sacred Texts and their Communities 3/25/19 5/10/19 Blackboard Jason Gaines
38271 RS 0101E OL3 Exploring Religion: Peoples of the Book, Sacred Texts and their Communities 1/28/19 3/15/19 Blackboard Jeremy Sabella
38272 RS 0101E OL4 Exploring Religion: Peoples of the Book, Sacred Texts and their Communities 3/25/19 5/10/19 Blackboard Jeremy Sabella
39026 RS 0228 OL1 Early Christianity 3/25/19 5/10/19 Blackboard Thomas Schmidt
37857 RS 0240 OL1 The Medieval Church 3/25/19 5/10/19 Blackboard Daniel Jones
38084 RS 0252 OL1 Contemporary Moral Problems 3/25/19 5/10/19 Blackboard Christian Cintron
39019 RS 0252 OL1 Contemporary Moral Problems 1/28/19 3/15/19 Blackboard Christian Cintron
38769 SA 0101 OL1 Digital Tools in Art Making 1/22/19 4/30/19 Blackboard Tonya Lee

Summer Courses

59113 AE 0291 OL2 Business Ethics 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard James Ong
79009 AE 0291 OL1 Business Ethics 7/1/19 8/9/19 Blackboard Lisa Sticca-Conrod
59008 AE 0293 OL1 Ethics of War and Peace 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard Norma Schmidt
59009 AE 0295 OL1 Ethics in Law and Society 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard Lisa Sticca-Conrod
79010 AH 0011 OL1 Visual Culture Since 1400 7/1/19 8/9/19 Blackboard Lauren Cesiro
59010 AH 0013 OL1 Art of Africa, the Caribbean, and the Americas 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard Dawn Pilotti
59107 AH 0172 OL1 History of Photography 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard Lauren Cesiro
79011 AY 0110 OL1 Biological Anthropology 7/1/19 8/9/19 Blackboard Joseph Wilson
79076 AY  0110  OL2  Biological Anthropology  7/1/19  8/9/19  Blackboard
Sarah Wessler
59013 AY 0111 OL1 Cultural Anthropology 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard Alfred Babo
79012 BI 0070 OL1 Science, Technology and Society 7/1/19 8/9/19 Blackboard Debra Sauer
59014 BI 0071 OL1 Identity and the Human Genome 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard Christine Rodriguez
59015 BI 0078 OL1 Introduction to Marine Science 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard Thomas Cunningham
59021 CO 0100 OL1 Human Communication Theories 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard Qin Zhang
79017 CO 0200 OL1 Interpersonal Communication Theories 7/1/19 8/9/19 Blackboard Michael Pagano
59022 CO 0240 OL1 Intercultural Communication 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard Qin Zhang
59024 EC 0011 OL1 Introduction to Microeconomics 5/20/19 6/28/19 My Econ Lab William Vasquez Mazariegos
79021 EC 0012 OL1 Introduction to Macroeconomics 7/1/19 8/9/19 My Econ Lab William Vasquez Mazariegos
79022 EC 0140 OL1 Health Economics 7/1/19 8/9/19 Blackboard Anna-Maria Aksan
89016 EE 0378 OL1 Electromagnetic Compatibility 5/20/19 8/16/19 Blackboard Uma Balaji
59025 EN 0012 OL1 Texts and Contexts II: Writing About Literature 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard Gale Bellas
79024 EN 0102 OL1 Introduction to Contemporary World Literature 7/1/19 8/9/19 Blackboard Sally O'Driscoll
59026 EN 0141 OL1 Imagining Shakespeare 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard Shannon Kelley
79025 EN 0163 OL1 Literature of Illness and Healing 7/1/19 8/9/19 Blackboard Jacqueline Rinaldi
79026 FI 0101 OL1 Introduction to Finance 7/1/19 8/9/19 Blackboard Walter Hlawitschka
59001 IS 0100 OL1 Introduction to Information Systems 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard Yasin Ozcelik
79083 IT 0220 OL1 Topics in Language and Culture 7/1/19 8/9/19 Blackboard David Lara
59033 MA 0217 OL1 Accelerated Statistics 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard Irene Mulvey
89017 ME 0362 OL1 Turbomachinery 5/20/19 8/16/19 Blackboard Shahrokh Etemad
59034 MG 0380 OL1 Performance, Compensation, and Reward 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard Mousumi Bhattacharya
59003 MK 0101 OL1 Principles of Marketing 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard Camelia Micu
59004 MK 0212 OL1 Consumer Behavior 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard Gerald Cavallo
79004 MK 0241 OL1 Digital Marketing 7/1/19 8/9/19 Blackboard Camelia Micu
79028 MU 0104 OL1 History of Music: 1700-1964 7/1/19 8/9/19 Blackboard Michael Ciavaglia
59037 MU 0201 OL1 Hip-Hop and its Antecedents 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard Laura Nash
79001 OM 0101 OL1 Operations Management 7/1/19 8/9/19 Blackboard James He
79029 PO 0276 OL1 United States Foreign Policy 7/1/19 8/9/19 Blackboard Lucrecia Garcia Iommi
59040 PS 0078 OL1 The Nature of the Universe 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard  Joachim Kuhn
59112 PS 0089 OL1 Physics of Sport 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard Robert Cordery
59043 PY 0101 OL1 General Psychology 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard  Michael Andreychik
59044 PY 0111 OL1 Developmental Psychology for Non-Majors 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard  Judith Primavera
59046 PY 0131 OL1 Abnormal Psychology for Non-Majors 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard Margaret McClure
59047 RS 0101E OL1 Exploring Religion: Peoples of the Book, Sacred Texts and their Communities 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard Jeremy Sabella
59048 RS 0101E OL2 Exploring Religion: Peoples of the Book, Sacred Texts and their Communities 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard Jeremy Sabella
79034 RS 0252 OL1 Contemporary Moral Problems 7/1/19 8/9/19 Blackboard Christian Cintron
59049 SA 0101 OL1 Digital Tools in Art Making 5/20/19 6/28/19 Blackboard Tonya Lee

Our Philosophy

As a Catholic, Jesuit institution, Fairfield University's mission includes a commitment to provide education “at the margins” and beyond our physical location. Offering programs online allows us to reach students around the country and the world. The Association of Jesuit Colleges & Universities recognized the importance of online education with the establishment of JesuitNET ( in 1999 with a mission “to support AJCU members and affiliates as they develop, share and deliver a broad range of online academic programs and services for a national and international audience. The characteristics of Jesuit education - academic rigor, personalized instruction, service learning and ethics - form the core of the courses and programs developed and delivered through JesuitNET.” These same principles continue to form the foundation of Fairfield University's online courses and programs today.

In face-to-face courses, Fairfield has committed itself to a modern approach to teaching, and these standards are carried through to our online classes as well. The same small class sizes, deep engagement between instructor and student, innovative use of technology, and attention to Jesuit values that our on-campus students experience can be found in Fairfield's virtual environment. Our faculty begin with the foundational principles of a “Fairfield education” for each and every class, no matter what the delivery method.

Courses & Programs

In addition to a rotating set of online courses from a wide range of academic departments and schools, Fairfield will introduce, in the fall of 2018, a set of five online certificate programs (consisting of four courses each) and one online Master of arts degree.* Enrollment in these programs will commence in the summer of 2018:


 * Pending NEASC approval, expected Spring 2018

Guidance for Studying Online

Fairfield University strives to offer its online students engaging and interactive classes that make use of modern educational technologies. From our move to the new Blackboard Ultra learning management system (in June 2018), to our use of Quip, an extraordinary application for collaborative writing, reviewing, and content creation that works just as well on smartphones as it does on computers, Fairfield provides a unique online learning environment that no other school can match. This focus on instructor-student and student-student engagement moves online classes well beyond the realm of watching videos/posting comments/writing papers, however, and encourages students to be frequently involved in group project work, ongoing texting-like conversations, and informal collaboration throughout each class week. The mobile-friendly tools we employ also offer students a highly flexible means for checking in on their courses and the option of participating from the device they carry with them and not just the computer at home.

Resources for Online Students

All students, regardless of whether they are enrolled online or in a campus-based program, will receive access to the resources and support described on our Undergraduate ( and Graduate ( Student Resource pages (as appropriate). Included among these resources are:

  • A StagCard, which can be used to purchase items online and at a discount from the Bookstore
  • Career, leadership, and professional development opportunities
  • Financial Aid Advising
  • DiMenna-Nyselius Library 
  • Education discounts on new computer purchases
  • OrgSync which provides students with information about various affinity clubs and organizations. Several groups are active on social media through which online students can feel more connected and engaged in campus life.

Technical Requirements & Support

Fairfield University has no specific computer requirement for online students, though we do recommend a reasonably new Mac or Windows computer that has the latest possible operating system updates and anti-virus protection. We actively encourage our online faculty and students to use their smartphones and other mobile devices in doing class work, and all of the standard software applications and systems we use have been chosen to be accessible on mobile devices. (The only exceptions might be specialized software that a particular class requires for its subject matter.)

Online students have full access to the University's Information Technology Services Help Desk, which is currently available Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 7 pm, Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, and Sunday from 4 pm to 8 pm. The Help Desk can be reached by phone at 203-254-4069, or via email at The Help Desk can assist with questions in regard to obtaining or activating (“claiming”) your Fairfield NetID network account, seeking computer hardware and software advice, problems involving logging in to or using University systems, and general information regarding the student portal. The Academic Computing department also maintains an email account ( that can be used for submitting time-sensitive questions regarding access to, or functionality of, learning systems such as Blackboard and Quip. 

Academic Integrity

As described fully in the Graduate Student Catalog
All members of the Fairfield University community share responsibility for establishing and maintaining appropriate standards of academic honesty and integrity. As such, faculty members have an obligation to set high standards of honesty and integrity through personal example and the learning communities they create. Such integrity is fundamental to, and an inherent part of, a Jesuit education, in which teaching and learning are based on mutual respect. It is further expected that students will follow these standards and encourage others to do so.

State Authorizations

Fairfield University is a member of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA). As an institutional member of NC-SARA, Fairfield University is authorized to admit students into online courses and programs from all states that participate in NC-SARA. All students considering an academic program that leads to obtaining professional licensure should contact the appropriate licensing agency within their state to seek information and additional guidance before beginning a program outside of their state.

For more information about NC-SARA, please visit For information on Connecticut-specific NC-SARA institutions, please visit or contact our designated representative at the NC-SARA Connecticut State Portal Entity:

Sean Seepersad, PhD
Academic Affairs and Student Services
Office of Higher Education
State of Connecticut
450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 510
Hartford, CT 06103-1841
State Website:


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