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Program Overview

The Interior Decorating Certificate program is designed for students interested in the field of interior design but not in the technical aspects of construction and structure. Students pursuing this certificate will develop good decorating skills but are not required to study technical drafting techniques or develop a professional portfolio. However, students will need some basic knowledge of drafting, use of the scale rule, etc. since decorators must be able to do an accurate floor plan. Therefore, basic drafting equipment is required. It is highly recommended that students take Drawing & Presentation for non-credit prior to Interior Design I and Color. Courses are offered for non-credit only and can be taken in any sequence. Students are encouraged to sign up for the guided tour of the D&D building, A&D building or New York Design Center in New York City.

Upon satisfactory completion of the six required courses, students receive a certificate of completion. Students enrolled in this program are not eligible for the Residential, Professional or Commercial Certificates or ASID student membership.

Please visit to view our full list of courses for the Spring 2019 semester.

For those desiring to learn the more technical aspects of construction and structure and to be fully qualified in the field of Interior Design, please visit to see our selection of credit courses for Residential, Professional and Commercial Certification in the field.

For more information and counseling, or to register, contact Elizabeth Hastings at (203) 254-4000 ext. 2688 or

Interior Design Upcoming Event

Guided Tour of New York Design Center in NYC with Carol Brewer
Wednesday April 10, 2019
This one day tour is an opportunity to become acquainted with the vast array of materials available to the interior designer.
Participants meet at the New York Design Center in Manhattan.
Cost: $95.00
Register at:

The Curriculum

  • Interior Design I IN 110 ($1,125)
  • Color Design IN 107 ($1,125)
  • History of Furniture I IN 113 ($1,125)
  • History of Furniture II IN 114 ($1,125)
  • Textiles for Interiors IN 111 ($1,125)
  • The Business of Interior Design IN 221 ($375)
  • Drawing and Presentation IN 119 ($1,125)

Spring 2019 Courses

IN 119 (01N) (CRN 37825) Drawing & Presentation

Non-Credit Course
1/28/19 -  5/6/19
Monday, 9:30 a.m. - 12 noon
12 sessions
Instructor: Patrick Kennedy

IN 119 (02N) (CRN 38710) Drawing & Presentation

Non-Credit Course
1/29/19 - 5/7/19
Tuesday, 6:30 p.m. - 9 p.m.
12 sessions
Instructor: Patrick Kennedy

Course Descriptions

IN 110 - Interior Design I

Develop the judgment and skill needed to conceive and execute a successful residential interior design project. Through weekly design problems, students integrate aesthetics and function. Students experience the issues and difficulties a professional must face, learning the appropriate steps from client interview to presenting a complete design solution. 12 sessions

IN 107 - Color Design

Develop proficiency in discerning basic color differences and visualizing color application. Students learn color mixing and identification, color scheme planning, pattern and scale. 12 sessions

IN 113 - History of Furniture I

Examines the major styles of furniture from Egyptian through the Renaissance and Baroque (15th-17th centuries) to the Rococo and Neoclassic periods (early 19th century). Examples will be drawn mainly from Italy, France, England, and Germany, with emphasis on mastering the specific features of each style and on understanding the ideas that influenced the furnishings in each era. 12 sessions

IN 114 - History of Furniture II

American furniture from 1650-1830 and its relationship to English prototypes. The course covers Victorian furniture styles through contemporary trends in both the U.S. and in Europe. Emphasis is on learning the characteristics of each period as well as a discussion of the materials culture of the time. 12 sessions

IN 111 - Textiles for Interiors

A survey of textile manufacture from fiber to finished fabric with emphasis on the textile's attributes for determining quality and usage. The student is introduced to construction methods, dyeing, printing, and finishing processes with discussion of various applications. 8 sessions

IN 221 - Business of Interior Design

Each session is conducted by a different practicing interior designer who will share his or her experiences in developing a business and dealing with the many practical issues related to the interior design profession. 6 sessions

IN 119 - Drawing & Presentation (recommended)

An introduction to drafting techniques for the preparation of architectural interior drawings emphasizing drafting and detailing room plans, elevations and sections. Course covers drafting for architectural purposes, drawing for client presentation, techniques of presentation, and board mounting. A final project with finished floor plans, elevations, and sample boards is required. 12 sessions

Guided Tour of D&D Building in New York City

This one day tour is an opportunity to become acquainted with the vast array of materials available to the interior designer. Participants meet at the D&D Building in Manhattan. Also offered periodically are tours to the A&D Building and New York Design Center, located in NYC.

Course Registration

Whether you a returning student or brand new to Fairfield University, out Admission Office offers easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on how to register for courses.


Read about our outstanding faculty!

Trudy Dujardin
B.S., Southern CT State University, Art Education Graduate work at NYU and Parsons School of Design. President and Founder of Dujardin Design Associates, Inc.; Green Advisory Board Member of Traditional Home Magazine and AtHome in Fairfield County. Co-Founder of the first Design Futures Council Leadership Summit on Sustainable Design.

Robert Hardy
ASID; NCIDQ certified, University of Massachusetts; New York School of Interior Design. Independent designer and founder of Walls Up; contributor to House Beautiful.

Patrick Kennedy
ASID; NCIDQ certified; Inchbald School of Design, London, England. Independent commercial and residential designer - formerly principal designer and manager for P.S. Design Studio, Inc. from 1995 to 2013. An exhibited artist.

Richard Killeaney
B.A. cum laude, Hobart College; M.F.A., Rhode Island School of Design. Print design/quilting/weaving/knitting. An exhibited artist.

Bobby Moisiadis
BSME, Fairfield University; MSME, Fairfield University. Professor of drafting and computer aided design at Fairfield University.

Hollie Sutherland
ASID; NCIDQ certified; B.A. Hamilton College; Interior Design Certificate, Fairfield University; A.A.S., New York School of Interior Design; M.F.A., Endicott College. Recipient of the 2013 ASID Foundation's Joel Polsky Academic Achievement Merit Award; LEED AP ID+C; Principal, Hollis Interiors, Fairfield, CT.

Jane Swergold
ASID; B.A., University of Pennsylvania; M.A., New York University. First prize winner, Best Residential Design, Connecticut chapter ASID; contributor to House Beautiful; owner, Loebelson/Swergold Interiors, Westport, CT.

Veronica Whitlock
ASID; NCIDQ certified; NYS-CID; Licensed in the State of CT and FL; B.A., Duke University; B.F.A., New York School of Interior Design; M.A., Parsons. Independent Residential Designer, V.W. Interiors, LLC, Easton, CT and Jupiter, FL.

For more information or to register, contact Sandy Richardson at (203) 254-4000 ext 2911.

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