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Frequently Asked Questions - Parents

How can I obtain a copy of my son or daughter's grades?
The University does not release grades to parents. Students have access to their semester grades via the Fairfield University my.Fairfield system.

I need proof that my student is attending Fairfield University for insurance coverage. How do I get that?
Students can stop into the University Registrar's Office and fill-out a Verification Letter form, or download, print and fax it to the University Registrar's Office. If a student has a specific form that needs to be filled out (i.e. for insurance), it can be dropped-off or faxed to the University Registrar's Office.

As a parent of a student, why can't I request their grades or transcript?
Fairfield University's policy on confidentiality is designed to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). This federal law prohibits disclosure of student records information to a third party without written consent from the student.

What is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)?
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, also known as the Buckley Amendment, helps protect the privacy of student records. The Act provides the right for students to inspect and review educational records, to seek to amend those records and to limit disclosure of information from the records. For more information about FERPA, visit the Family Policy Compliance Office of the US Department of Education.

Can I register for my son or daughter?
No. Each student is responsible for his/her own registration.

My student will not be able to finish the semester; what do we need to do?
Your student should speak to his/her dean about withdrawing from the University.

Why wasn't my student able to register for a particular course?
There are many different reasons why a student could not register for a specific course. These include:

  • Not all courses are offered every semester.
  • The class may have been full at the time the registration request was made.
  • The department offering the class may have placed a restriction on the class, in order to control the enrollment for the class. Students who are having difficulties selecting classes should seek assistance from their academic advisor.

If my student needs a course and was unable to register for it, what should they do? Who can they talk to?
If a course is required for the student's major and they are not able to register for it, the student should first contact their advisor for assistance, and then follow-up with the department that offers the course.

How can I change my student's mailing address to ensure that they receive mail from Fairfield University?
Your student will have to make a written and signed request to update his/her mailing address. He/she can come into the University Registrar's office and fill out the contact information update form, or fax a signed letter with his/her name, ID or SSN#, current address, and new address. We do not accept address updates from parents.

Other Questions/University Registrar Contact Information

If you have other questions related to registration, transcripts, or grades that are not addressed on this page, you may contact the University Registrar's Office at:

Telephone: (203) 254-4288
Fax: (203) 254-4109
In Person: The University Registrar's Office is located in the Kelley Center

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