Online Courses

Online Courses

Online courses are offered during the summer, fall, spring, and winter intersessions and accommodate students accelerating their degree program. To design the schedule that fits your lifestyle and goals, or help you determine whether online courses are right for you, please contact an academic advisor at

Courses for undergraduate credit: Please see below for the online course offerings for the upcoming sessions. Tuition: $725 per credit (three credit courses = $2,175) plus $35 registration fee.

Contact Sandy Richardson at for more information or call (203) 254-4000 Ext. 2911 or Ext. 2227.

Important information for students enrolled in a credit online course:

  • Once you have registered for an online course, please click on the name of the instructor to request a copy of the syllabus. It is essential to review syllabus, obtain books, and come prepared for the first online session.
  • Students must have reliable access to the internet to participate in online courses.
  • Books should be purchased before the course begins. You can purchase books online or call (203) 255-7756.
  • Students will be contacted by their instructor prior to the course start date via their Fairfield University e-mail account. All new and returning students must register online.
  • Log into your course on or before the course start date. Your instructor will notify you via e-mail when the course is available. All Blackboard courses are accessed through the portal. Refer to the grid below to determine which platform is being used for your course(s).
  • Technical Questions / Problems? Help desk - 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at (203) 254-4069, anytime at , (203) 254-4000, ext. 3207 or 

Spring 2018 Courses

35021 AE 0291 OL1 Business Ethics 1/29/18 3/16/18 Blackboard Lisa Sticca-Conrod
35022 AE 0291 OL2 Business Ethics 3/19/18 5/4/18 Blackboard Lisa Sticca-Conrod
35384 AE 0291 OL3 Business Ethics 1/16/18 5/1/18 Blackboard Jeffrey Yoder
35147 AY 0111 OL1 Cultural Anthropology 3/19/18 5/4/18 Blackboard Joseph Wilson
34954 AY 0180 OL1 Grant Writing for Social Sciences 1/16/18 5/1/18 Blackboard David Crawford
35734 BI 0071 OL1 Identity and the Human Genome 1/29/18 3/16/18 Blackboard Christine Rodriguez
35327 EC 0012 OL1 Introduction to Macroeconomics 3/19/18 5/4/18 MyEconLab William Vasquez Mazariegos
35276 EN 0101 OL1 Introduction to Literary & Cultural Studies 1/16/18 5/1/18 Blackboard Gita Rajan
35026 EN 0102 OL1 Introduction to Contemporary World Literature 3/19/18 5/4/18 Blackboard Sally O'Driscoll
34980 EN 0163 OL1 Literature of Illness and Healing 3/19/18 5/4/18 Blackboard Jacqueline Rinaldi
34811 FI 0330 OL1 Case Studies in Finance - MEETS ONLINE Mondays from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. 1/16/18 5/1/18 Blackboard Thomas Conine
35052 MU 0104 OL1 History of Music: 1700-1964 1/29/18 3/16/18 Blackboard Michael Ciavaglia
35374 MU 0201 OL1 Hip-Hop and its Antecedents 1/29/18 3/16/18 Blackboard Andrew Virdin
36015 MU 0201 OL2 Hip-Hop and its Antecedents 1/29/18 3/16/18 Blackboard Laura Nash
35073 PS 0078 OL1 The Nature of the Universe 3/19/18 5/4/18 Blackboard Joachim Kuhn
35946 PY 0111 OL1 Developmental Psychology for Non-Majors 3/19/18 5/4/18 Blackboard Judith Primavera
35076 RS 0101E OL1 Exploring Religion: Peoples of the Book, Sacred Texts and their Communities 3/19/18 5/4/18 Blackboard Jeremy Sabella
35030 RS 0240 OL1 The Medieval Church 3/19/18 5/4/18 Blackboard Daniel Jones
34981 RS 0252 OL1 Contemporary Moral Problems 1/29/18 3/16/18 Blackboard Christian Cintron
34381 SO 0011 03 Introduction to Sociology HYBRID course. Course is partially online and also meets on campus Tuesday evenings from 8 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. 1/16/18 5/1/18 Blackboard Eric Mielants

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