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Online Programs

Online courses are offered during the summer, fall, spring and winter intersessions and are designed to accommodate students accelerating their degree program.



Evening Courses

Evening courses have reserved slots for part-time and visiting students for the spring and fall semesters. Courses for the summer semester are open to all students on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Visiting Student"?

There are several types of visiting students at Fairfield:

  • College students from other institutions who take credit courses at Fairfield during any semester (up to three courses) with a goal to transfer those credits to another academic institution.
  • Students seeking to start or complete their bachelor’s degree by taking credit courses in any semester (up to three per term) as a part-time, non-matriculated, visiting student.
  • Individuals taking a credit course (or a non-credit course) in subject area of interest for personal or professional enrichment.
  • Junior and senior high school students may also take credit courses at Fairfield and should follow instructions on the high school student enrollment process before registering for classes.


What are the restrictions on Visiting Students?

A visiting student is restricted to taking three courses a semester with a maximum of six courses total. After six courses, a student will need to apply for a program of study in order to continue taking courses at Fairfield. To register for courses, please go to Course Registration and follow instructions for class registration as a new Visiting Student or a Returning Student.


When do Visiting Students Register?

Visiting Students register for courses during "open" registration periods, which are typically beginning April 1st for Summer, July 1st for Fall and December 1st for Spring. Registration is on a seat available basis.


How do I become a Visiting Student?

Please visit Course Registration to learn more about the steps to register for a course and become a new Visiting Student or how to register for a course as a Returning Visiting Student.

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