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Parents & Families Of Prospective Students

You play a vital role in your child's college decision. You want the best possible education for your child and you have high expectations. We are here to help you learn more about Fairfield University and to show you how we intend to exceed your expectations.

This website, developed just for parents of prospective students, will provide you with a wealth of information about the admission process, financial aid, and most importantly, what your child can expect to find inside and outside of the classroom at Fairfield.

If you and your child have not yet had the opportunity to visit our campus, I strongly encourage you to do so. Nothing can replace "the feel" for a university that an actual visit provides. Schedule a visit online and we'll be waiting to show you all that Fairfield University has to offer.

I look forward to welcoming you to Fairfield in the near future.


Corry Unis

About Fairfield

The moment you arrive at Fairfield University everything feels different. Our 200-acre idyllic campus is situated on Connecticut's coastline, providing for beautiful, unforgettable surroundings. But it's more than that - it's our dedication to each and every student's personal growth that makes our environment so unique.


Where you choose to attend college is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make - it's four years that can shape the rest of your life. And it's not always an easy choice, which is why we strive to make the application process as easy as possible.

Financial Aid And Tuition

You Have Great Value. We'd Like to Return the Favor

We're committed to every aspect of your education - including helping you afford it. Currently, 85% of our undergraduate students finance their education through a combination of scholarships, grants, work-study, graduate assistantships, and loans. Many of our graduate students also receive aid to help finance their education. We realize that every student has a unique set of circumstances, and we'll work with you one-on-one to do everything we can to help you attend Fairfield.


At Fairfield, we believe that how you learn is just as important as what you learn. Which is why we created a curriculum designed to help you do just that - to learn how to learn on a deeper level.

From exploring how creativity helps unlock new ideas to solving problems using research and statistics, the core Pathways are at the center of an undergraduate education. They'll help you discover your competencies and passions, and shape them into careers.

Campus Life

At Fairfield, we believe that what you do can have just as big of an impact as what you learn, and college is the perfect time to do it all. Our 200-acre campus is more than just where you learn, it's a tight-knit community of thousands cheering you on. Our Jesuit mission drives us to educate the whole person - and we know that a lot of learning happens during extra-curricular pursuits.

Play the intramural or club sport you've always wanted to try. Take in a sunrise at the beach. Plan a service trip that takes you halfway around the world. And emerge a stronger, more realized individual prepared for the extraordinary.

Faith & Service

Fairfield University is a Jesuit, Catholic institution, meaning that faith is a big part of who we are. But it's more than just attending services. It drives us to foster a community of curious, socially responsible seekers, a community that includes people of all religious backgrounds and affiliations. We believe that if we work together, we can affect real change in the world, engaging with real issues both in and out of the classroom.

Clubs, Organizations, & Recreation

At Fairfield, we have over 80 clubs and organizations ranging from cultural interests to social and recreational. The Fairfield University Student Association is one of our most popular organizations, not only because it the represents the undergraduate student body, but because they're in charge of planning concerts, parties, and other campus-wide activities. And the Council of Student Organizations is a student-run assembly that exists to build community between these clubs. So, everything we do is for you, run by you.

Global Community

At Fairfield, we believe that no matter what's going on in the world, more unites us than divides us. When we respect and value each other, we find the common good rooted in us all, and work together to bring out each other's potential.

We're committed to community - an inclusive, welcoming community that represents the ever-changing global populace. To that end, we offer initiatives like Upward Bound, a tuition-free program for deserving college bound high school seniors, plus a number of clubs and organizations that promote diversity, like the Ally Network. Our academic offerings include programs such as Black Studies, Asian Studies, Judaic Studies, and International Studies.


Wherever you’re coming from, we’ve got you covered.

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