6 Must-Dos to Give the Feels Before You Graduate—And 1 to Make You Smile Forever

6 Must-Dos to Give the Feels Before You Graduate—And 1 to Make You Smile Forever

Because everyone needs a minute to honor four amazing college years.

1.  Feel that pride.

Go to one last game for the home team. See your school colors fly. Hear that school cheer ring out over a roaring crowd, and grab one last selfie with the mascot while you’re there. You’ll put that photo on your corner office desk someday, and remember the pride your school felt for you as you launched into the world.


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2.  Take a walk.

The quad at night. A peaceful fountain. That one bench by the library that you love on a sunny day. That place where you and your first college crush had your meet-cute. The bronze statue where you’ll take the girlfriend you met sophomore year someday and get down on one knee. Stroll through those spots just one more time before you throw your cap in the air. The memories you have from those places—and the plans that you make there—are the things you take with you when you go.

3.  Show your thanks.

When you were stressing, your roommates reminded you that you didn’t have to feel alone. When you thought you reached all your potential, your professors pushed back the horizon, and showed you how much bigger your world could be. And your family? They helped make all of your college experiences possible. Make a phone call, slip a note in their mailbox, give a gift, even if it’s small. Graduate with grace, and let the people who helped get you to the Commencement procession know you’ll always care.

4.  Have a Meal.

Fact: everyone’s got a favorite college dish. Indulge yourself. On your last week of college life, put that extra layer of Oreo crumbles at the bottom of your fro-yo cup. Savor that stir-fry station delight. Graduating adds a special seasoning to everything, and when you bite into that patty melt you’ll know in your bones you won’t ever taste another one that’s that kind of delicious again.

5.  Hug your friends.

You’ve made friends that will always have your back, even if they’re a world away. Before you all head into the future, and possibly your separate ways, celebrate how far you’ve come together. Remember to take a picture with them, too—you’ll want to commemorate the very first years you spent at each other’s sides.

6.  Look behind you.

On graduation day, the announcer calls your name. You take the stage, and suddenly that diploma’s in your hand. Before you leave, though, take just one second to turn around. In one set of seats, you’ll see the whole community that got you to college—and then onto that stage—has come together to congratulate you on an enormous success. Bask in that view, because you deserve it. Your community helped you get to that point, but you’re the one who told yourself you could do it…and then you did.

7.  And just one more: Come back home.

Once you’re out in the world, you’ll realize you don’t have to leave your college behind. You can join the alumni association, RSVP to that five-year reunion, go to trivia night with the alumni chapter in your neck of the woods—the possibilities are endless. The more you stay involved, the more you’ll remember: You may not live on campus anymore, but you’ll always be able to call your alma mater “home.”


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