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Update Required: Alertus Mobile App

Fairfield University uses the Alertus Mobile App as a secondary notification system to send emergency communications to your Android, tablet or Apple iOS devices. If you have Alertus installed, a new service upgrade will require you to update the Alertus App to the latest version by the end of January.


Already Installed: Allow your Alertus App to update to the latest version; ensure it was updated and that you are registered with Fairfield.

First-time Install: iOS/Android: Search for "Alertus +" in App/Play store. Once installed, launch and type in “Fairfield” when prompted for a code. Enter your e-mail address when prompted to finalize the process.

You may not receive emergency communications to your mobile devices if you do not allow the update.

Failure to update before the end of January will prevent your device from receiving critical emergency communications. If you miss the deadline, update your app as soon as possible to start receiving communications again.

Note: Alertus is separate from StagAlert and is a secondary notification system that can reach out to your non-cell phone devices such as tablets and iPads. We recommend those with University iPads and other devices to ensure they have the up-to-date app.

Contact ITS/DPS with questions.

Last modified:  Thu, 26 Jan 2017 17:08:00 EST


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