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David Romans Reflects on Time with Fairfield Baseball

“My experiences at Fairfield University helped shape me as a person. I think it’s important to give back to allow the school to continue to make improvements for current and future students.” David Romans ’91, Financial Advisor/Managing Director at J.P. Morgan knows firsthand the impact university philanthropy has on students, alumni and the surrounding community.

Romans chose to study at Fairfield thanks to his high school AP Calculus teacher, a Fairfield alumnus who was the parent of two alumni as well. Although the former Stag calls Los Angeles home, Romans remains close to his alma mater as a longstanding donor of Varsity Baseball.

Many Fairfield University students create lifelong friendships and lasting memories during their time on campus. For student-athletes, those memories are also coupled with comradery and teamwork, lessons that transcend university walls.

Romans recalls one of the most influential teammates who had an impact on his experience: “A fallen teammate, Mike Andrews ’89, was an upperclassman pitcher when I was a freshman. More than anyone else on our pitching staff, he immediately made me feel welcome and comfortable. His lighthearted attitude made the transition from high school baseball to college easier.”

Following graduation, Romans relocated to Chicago where he met his wife. After tying the knot, they both moved to Brentwood, Los Angeles where they now raise their three children. Professionally along with his two partners, they advise wealthy families, predominantly people from the entertainment industry, athletes and business owners, on issues ranging from managing their wealth to effective ways to transfer wealth to their families and charitable organizations.

“While Fairfield University continues to grow in class size, buildings and esteem, there is still much more room for growth with regard to athletic facilities and other campus enhancements. Your dollars at Fairfield can make a significant impact. Today is an exciting time for our varsity baseball program. The team made its first-ever NCAA postseason appearance by winning the MAAC Championship (and also the regular season championship). One of the reasons I gave is because these student-athletes deserve a stadium upgrade consistent with other campus improvements that have been made.”

As if advising entertainers and other businesses doesn’t keep him busy enough, Romans makes time for the important things in life. “My greatest pleasure is watching my kids play sports. Selfishly, I coach baseball, basketball, and soccer to get more time with my children.”

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