Fairfield University’s School of Nursing ranks ninth nationally in “top hybrid RN to BSN Programs”

Fairfield University’s School of Nursing ranks ninth nationally in “top hybrid RN to BSN Programs”

A Fairfield degree designed for registered nurses to continue their education while working full time is among best in the country.

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (March 6, 2015) - Fairfield University’s School of Nursing ranked ninth out of 50 in the nation for their hybrid RN to BSN program, a degree designed for registered nurses to continue their education and pursue a higher degree in nursing while typically working full time.

This ranking was featured on RNtoBSN, an association of professional nurses, educators, writers and editors committed to furthering nursing education.

Meredith Wallace Kazer, Ph.D., dean of the School of Nursing, said, “In the Future of Nursing report, the Institute of Medicine called upon educators to remove barriers to nurses to continue their education. I am so proud that Fairfield University’s School of Nursing has been recognized for our contributions toward this goal and assisting nurses to achieve a high-quality nursing education.”

Rankings were decided based on accreditations, school services, the quality of the program and affordability, among other qualifications. For the complete list of rankings, visit: http://www.rntobsn.org/best-hybrid-rn-to-bsn-programs/ .

As health care needs grow, more and more registered nurses are pursuing higher degrees of education which enable them to grow their professional development, build on their skills, and increase their cultural awareness.

Fairfield’s RN to BSN program, which was established in 1984 and has approximately 100 students, is designed to meet working nurses’ needs. Flexibility and personalized attention through one-on-one advising is key. For more information about Fairfield University’s School of Nursing, call (203) 254-4000 ext. 4150, or visit the SON website.

Carole Pomarico, assistant professor of nursing and director of the RN to BSN program, said, “The students in our RN to BSN program are a diverse and wonderful group. Because they are non-traditional students, they often work full time, have families, and need to juggle all of that along with going back to school. That’s why our advising program is so important. We want to make sure our program meets their needs.”

Fairfield University partners with several nursing schools at nearby hospitals and community colleges to provide a seamless transition from associate degree programs at the partner institute to Fairfield’s bachelor’s degree in nursing. Credits from the associate degree often transfer over, helping students to be well on their way to completing their degree.

The program is a mix of in-class, online, and hybrid courses, with a part-time schedule that can be tailored to suit individual student schedules.

Student Carolina Pires said that the RN-BSN program at Fairfield is a perfect fit for her. “It offers a flexible scheduled with experienced educators that understand the complexity in the lives of returning students who work full-time, attend school and manage a household simultaneously,” she said. “The advisement provided through out the program was extremely helpful and encouraging to me, as it has always been my goal to achieve a higher education and become a leader in my profession as a nurse."

Student Monika Samelko agreed. “Going through RN-BSN program while having full-time job, family, and many other responsibilities is not easy,” she said. “Is it worth it? Absolutely! I truly believe that pursuing higher education benefits both nurses and patients. The RN-BSN program at Fairfield University has great advisement program, flexible schedule, and wonderful professors who are really passionate about the future of nursing! It has helped me grow as a nurse and as an individual and it constantly reminds me what nursing is all about.”

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