"Leading the Business," an experiential leadership and simulation program, to be presented by Fairfield University's Dolan School of Business

"Leading the Business," an experiential leadership and simulation program, to be presented by Fairfield University's Dolan School of Business

Calling all business professionals.

Image: T Conine A new executive development opportunity presented by Fairfield University's Dolan School of Business is available to managers of all organizations, with a goal of developing future leaders. The three-day seminar is designed for up-and-coming managers who seek to advance their business acumen. It will take place at the Dolan School of Business, from Tuesday, June 19 to Thursday, June 21.

The seminar is being led by Dolan School of Business faculty members Tom E. Conine, Jr., Ph.D., professor of finance; Catherine Giapponi, Ph.D., associate professor of Management; and David Schmidt, Ph.D., associate professor of Business Ethics. Featuring simulation activities, the event will include discussions covering topics such as strategy, driving growth, managing innovation, ethics and leadership. For information, visit www.fairfield.edu/dsb/dsb_leading_business.html and to register, contact Patricia Pivarnik at ppivarnik@fairfield.edu or (203) 254-4307.

"The simulation is like a day in the life of a general manager," said Dr. Conine, who has been teaching executives for 30 years.

The pace will be fast and intense. "People get into the spirit of competition and learn a lot by doing," said Dr. Conine. "Also, there's lots of time devoted in the day to debriefing and reflection and people can continually talk about their experiences and what they can do to improve."

The seminar, which initiates a new emphasis in the Dolan School on executive education, is directed towards mid-senior level managers and director level positions. Participants will gain experience in creating and driving strategy, building and developing teams, and delivering business results. Dr. Conine said that in this innovative simulation environment, one that he uses to teach Fairfield undergraduates and graduates, participants learn how to make good decisions under uncertainty, time pressure, limited information, scarce resources, and divergent opinions - all factors that are present in real business situations.

Dr. Conine and his partner David Sims formally incorporated Tri Corporation in 1991 to help business leaders improve their performance and bring greater value to their businesses. They have traveled the globe to hold the programs in every continent except Antarctica. This is the first time one of their open enrollment programs will be offered on the East Coast.

The cost for the Fairfield seminar is $3,000 (includes private breakout room for each team, all meals, all audio/visual and computing needs). A tuition discount will apply to companies sending three or more representatives. This seminar may hold 24 CPE credits for CPA professionals and has been pre-approved by the HR Certification Institute for 24 recertification credit hours.

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