Connecticut Supreme Court to hear cases at Fairfield University

Connecticut Supreme Court to hear cases at Fairfield University

The Connecticut Supreme Court will travel to Fairfield University on Wednesday, October 21st, to hear arguments in two cases, one criminal and one civil. The arguments will take place at 10 a.m. and 12 noon at Fairfield University's Kelley Theatre at the Quick Center for the Arts. They are free and open to the public.

The Court's appearance at Fairfield University is part of an ongoing educational initiative of the Connecticut Judicial Branch called "Supreme Court on Circuit." Begun more than 20 years ago, the program seeks to provide students, educators and the general public with a greater understanding of the Court and its procedures.

"The historical reasons for the Supreme Court traveling "on circuit" are as relevant today as they were two hundred years ago," said Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers. "We look forward to an opportunity to hold Court in another part of the state, thereby providing an opportunity for students and the public to learn about the appellate court system. Fairfield University has generously agreed to host our visit, and I would like to thank President von Arx and his staff for their hospitality."

"We are honored that the Supreme Court of Connecticut will be sitting at Fairfield University on October 21 in what will be a homecoming of sorts for Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers, who attended Roger Ludlow High School just down the road from us," said Father Jeffrey von Arx, S.J., President of Fairfield University. "This is a magnificent opportunity for high school and college students, attorneys, and the public at large, to see close-up the working of our judicial system at the highest state level."

The program begins with brief welcoming remarks by Father von Arx. At 10 a.m., arguments will be heard in the criminal case, State v. Solomon Boyd . The civil case, Allstate Insurance Company v. Stephen Palumbo et al. , begins at 12 noon. Arguments in each case will last approximately one hour. A question-and-answer period with arguing counsel and volunteer attorneys with expertise in the cases will follow each argument. Attorneys Daniel Klau and Justin Clark, both former Supreme Court law clerks, will conduct these sessions.

News media organizations interested in covering the oral arguments may contact Jim Senich at (860) 757-2270 by Monday, October 19th for pooling arrangements.

The following items may not be brought into the courtroom: bladed or pointed items, weapons, food and beverages. To help the screening process and movement in and out of the auditorium, it is recommended that guests not bring briefcases, backpacks, pocketbooks or bags.

For additional information about this program, please contact the External Affairs Division at (860) 757-2270.

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231 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, Connecticut 06106
Phone: (860) 757-2270, Fax (860) 757-2215

Posted On: 10-14-2009 10:10 AM

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