"Hip Hop Block Party" at Fairfield University explores political issues

"Hip Hop Block Party" at Fairfield University explores political issues

When: Thursday, April 30, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (best viewing time at noon)

Where: John A. Barone Campus Center Oak Room and Patio

How: Dr. Jocelyn Boryczka's class in "Politics of Race, Class and Gender" uses Hip Hop culture to view public issues in surprising and unexpected ways.

Most Creative: Students were asked to write "Hip Hop" dialogue between historic figures. Examples follow:

Written as Alexander Hamilton to Thomas Jefferson (by Amal White '11)
"I know all Jeff do is wanna plow dirt,
But that's why ya main man is over here hurt.

I'm not trying to say that your farming is wack
Or maybe I am as a matter of fact
We can't all just depend on your played out crop,
That will cause our economy to stop."

Written as Thomas Jefferson to Alexander Hamilton (by Andrew Paliotta '11)
"If we create industries
And build cities
We are sinning against democracy

You may have been born
In the West Indies
But I was born
With Life, Liberty
And Property"

Written about the Jefferson-Hamilton rap battle (by Lindsay McGrath '09)
"Jefferson and Hamilton were founding fathas,
They got freedom on lock so don't even botha.
From time to time they had some beef,
And it caused some otha brothas a load of grief.
J-dog here wanted the people to have powa,
But Ham wanted da government to be on top the towa.

Check it, check it. Ok look,
Now we come to da end and whats to be said,
Jeff put up a fight, but Ham left him dead.
The playas of the nation wanted cash and bling,
And that's why Tommy just wasn't the thing."

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