Young audiences invited to experience The Acting Company's The Tempest at Fairfield University's Quick Center for the Arts

Young audiences invited to experience The Acting Company's The Tempest at Fairfield University's Quick Center for the Arts

Image: Tempest Fairfield University's Quick Center for the Arts presents The Acting Company's version of Shakespeare's "The Tempest," for grades 5 and up. There are two performances exclusively presented in the popular ArtsBound program on Tuesday, April 29 at 10 a.m. and 12:15 p.m. ArtsBound is an outreach educational program sponsored in part by the Herman Goldman Foundation and the Greater Bridgeport Area Foundation. All tickets are $7 and are available, in addition to study guides, online at

"The Tempest" has something for everyone: comedy, revenge, attempted murder and a love story - all controlled by a philosopher/magician. It is also a play of enduring enchantment and one of the richest treasures found in drama.

The usurped wizard, Prospero, draws his enemies to his enchanted island to exact revenge yet, ultimately, finds peace and the ability to forgive. Selected by The Acting Company for its theme of reconciliation, "The Tempest" is an excellent introduction to Shakespeare for young and new theatergoers. The theme of reconciliation can be easily forgotten and every generation benefits from the re-telling of it. Through learning and magic, Prospero is able to overcome the boundaries of reality - to today's generation, the explosion of technology is an apt analogy - and appreciate the relationships that are central in his life. The play makes it abundantly clear that it is never too late to re-form broken relationships through forgiveness. Image: Tempest

Much like the popular reality shows like "Lost" or "Survivor," "The Tempest" is set against a backdrop of groups of island castaways. However, supporting the story is some of Shakespeare's most beautiful, transcendent and emotional language. It is through this powerful tool that an audience is transported to Prospero's world and through The Acting Company's magical production that Shakespeare's play is transformed into deep and affecting theater.

Director Davis McCallum and a team of extremely talented actors and designers create a mesmerizing theatrical tour-de-force that captures the imagination of young audiences and avid theatergoers alike.

Tickets are available online at and by calling the Box Office at 203-254-4010. The toll free number is 1-877-ARTS-396. With every ten tickets purchased for an ArtsBound show, there is one complimentary ticket given. For further information, please contact the website at

Posted On: 04-14-2008 10:04 AM

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