Fairfield University to hold first "Jail 'N' Bail" for Special Olympics

Fairfield University to hold first "Jail 'N' Bail" for Special Olympics

The Fairfield University Department of Public Safety, led by Officer Rob Didato, along with a committee of students chaired by senior Fausto De la Rosa Manon, will hold the first annual "Jail 'N' Bail" fundraiser for Special Olympics on Wednesday, April 23, outside the Barone Campus Center from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

People on and off campus are invited to fill out a Jail N' Bail warrant - for the price of $5 - to have someone on campus arrested. Off-duty Public Safety Officers will volunteer their time to "arrest" the person named in the warrant and bring them before a judge where bail will be set at $40 or higher. The arrested person is then placed in a holding cell outside the John A. Barone Campus Center where they may use phones to call colleagues, friends and family to raise money for their "bail," all of which benefits the Connecticut Special Olympics.

Todd Pelazza, director of the Fairfield University Department of Public Safety, has a long-time involvement with the Special Olympics. Under his direction several officers have been involved in the "Tip a Cop" fundraiser at Dunkin' Donuts and the Olympic run from Greenwich to Fairfield. Officers have even taken a dunking in the May Day water tank event, all for the benefit of Special Olympics. Pelazza and Officer Didato agree it is well worth it to see the smiling faces and dedicated effort of Special Olympians.

Supporting the Jail N' Bail event are Connecticut-based companies, LandmarkPrint, Link Mechanical Services, Inc., and F. W. Webb, which provided the PVC piping that Campus Operations employees and Pubic Safety Officers used to build the "holding cage" for prisoners.

Other committee members planning the event are Sergeant John Ritchie, seniors Hutch Williams and George Baehr and sophomores Mike Stahl, Erin Shea and Grant Miller.

For more information, please contact Officer Rob Didato or Director Todd Pelazza at (203) 254-4090.

Posted On: 04-16-2008 10:04 AM

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