Fairfield University School of Engineering offers Master's in Mechanical Engineering and certificate in Automated Manufacturing

Fairfield University School of Engineering offers Master's in Mechanical Engineering and certificate in Automated Manufacturing

Fairfield University's School of Engineering is now offering a Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering, bringing to four the number of master's degrees available through the school. In addition, the School is offering a new certificate program in Automated Manufacturing.

The new Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) is designed to provide graduate engineers with a deeper and broader understanding of the methods and skills in the area of mechanical engineering, including advanced engineering analysis, innovative techniques and tools, and interdisciplinary approaches.

The program is ideal for a variety of students, including engineers and scientists looking to update their skills or resumes, engineers who aspire to academic careers or considering a career change, and undergraduate engineering students and alumni who want to pursue an advanced degree. Students can specialize in one of three areas:

The School of Engineering offers three other Master of Science degree programs in: Management of Technology, Software Engineering, and Electrical and Computer Engineering.

The School also offers a variety of certificate programs that allow students to take a suite of courses within a master's degree track or across several tracks to receive a certificate in that area. The new four-course Automated Manufacturing Certificate is a concentration in the master's degree program in Mechanical Engineering, and melds the disciplines of mechanical, electrical, and automation engineering to create an "efficient" manufacturing environment.

The emphasis of the program is on manufacturing support systems and automated manufacturing systems as apart of modern production systems in industry. Students use state-of-the-art hardware and software, and design the information framework and networkprotocols required for full manufacturing automation.

Upon completion of the Certificate Program, those interested in further study in automated manufacturing may take Computer Integrated Manufacturing, also available in the ME curriculum.

For more information on the program, contact the School of Engineering at (203) 254-4147 or by e-mail to pbotosani@mail.fairfield.edu. Students interested in applying to any of the graduate programs can request an application through gradadmis@mail.fairfield.edu .

"In the face of current global challenges to our technological leadership, the creation of new engineering talent, especially at the Master's level and at the specialized Certificate level, is a crucial development necessary to maintain our competitive edge, and to continue to prosper and lead, as we have done in the past," said E. Hadjimichael, Ph.D., dean of the School of Engineering. "The two new programs at Fairfield University will provide opportunities for the creation of new talent endowed with the skills and knowledge that industry in Connecticut needs most."

Posted On: 03-09-2006 10:03 AM

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