"Best friends" head opposing political groups

"Best friends" head opposing political groups

The old maxim about not discussing religion and politics is one that is hard for best friends Kristina Riordan and Emily McAdams to follow. The two Fairfield University students are leaders of the College Democrats and the College Republicans at the Jesuit university in Connecticut where they live in a townhouse with three other students. Political discussions can get lively, they admit, but they try to stay away from such topics at the dinner table.

Kristina has a personal interest in supporting Sen. John Kerry - her Dad went to law school with him and the two families have vacationed together. Kristina was in New Hampshire for five days before the primary there, working on the Kerry campaign, and she spent the President's weekend break in Boston where she and her father (part of Kerry's legal team) were working at Kerry headquarters.

Emily says she actually encouraged Kristina to pick up the reins of the College Dems when its last president left for a study abroad program and is delighted that she did. They share the same interests and zeal, just for different parties.

Emily's political leanings were definitely influenced by her family, she says. She joined the College Republicans her freshman year and has served as secretary and president. She stepped down as president this semester to take on the job of vice chairman of the Connecticut Union of College Republicans.

Both students will be representing their groups on Monday, March 1, when WICC-AM brings its Citizen Smith program to a live broadcast from the Fairfield University Barone Campus Center at 4 p.m.

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Posted On: 02-27-2004 10:02 AM

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