University College at Fairfield University announces courses, study abroad and certificate programs for fall semester

University College at Fairfield University announces courses, study abroad and certificate programs for fall semester

The Arab world, business writing via the Internet and legal lessons for the layman are among the numerous studies available in a robust series of courses, certificate classes, corporate education business seminars and study abroad tours that University College at Fairfield University, formerly the School of Continuing Education, will offer this fall.

The school changed its name to reflect the holistic nature of its many offerings, said Marge Glick, associate dean for credit programs at University College. "We are really a comprehensive unit," Ms. Glick said. "We offer many different opportunities for the part-time student."

"Portrait of the Arabs," an interdisciplinary course that provides a broad introduction to Arab culture and society in the past and present, is one of many intriguing courses available to University College students this fall. The Wednesday evening class, which will run from 6 to 8:40 p.m., will use novels, poetry, films and scholarly studies to investigate contemporary issues and their relationship to a complex historical legacy. Topics include the formation of Arab identity, the relationship of city and countryside, women and the family, literature, the arts and architecture, and nation-building.

Want to run your organization more effectively? "Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology," which will run Thursdays from 7 to 9:40 p.m., covers recruitment, selection, training and development, and appraisal of individuals and groups; development and change of organizational cultures; and relations between organizations and their stakeholders.

Emphasis in the course is given to the unique contributions of psychological science to understanding human work skills, interests, attitudes, motivations, satisfactions and stresses, work careers, management, leadership communication, group processes and organization.

Corporate education classes are also available through University College. From "Management Skills" to "Master the Interview Game: Job Interview Skills and Etiquette," the gamut of courses will provide focused education and consulting services that meet your needs. A variety of certificate programs are also available.

In addition to more than 100 courses, University College will offer several international education opportunities. Spend a semester in Florence and learn some Italian while you earn Fairfield University credits studying at the Lorenzo de' Medici Institute. The courses in fine arts, humanities and social sciences are taught in English by a talented international faculty. How about a "Summer in St. Petersburg." This program, which runs from the end of May through the end of June, begins during White Nights, when light lingers all night long. The majestic palaces, museums and mansions of this "Venice of the North," are all within walking distance of host Herzen University, where students will take two of three courses offered.

University College also offers more than a dozen online noncredit and a couple of credit courses that run over the World Wide Web. Lessons are supplemented with interactive quizzes, assignments, tutorials and online discussion areas. Noncredit course offerings include "Introduction to the Internet," "Marketing Your Business or Organization on the Internet" and "Computer Skills for the Workplace."

This semester marks the start of an entirely online credit course in "Business Writing." The workshop-based course will give feedback to students on dozens of different writing assignments, including letters, memos, reports, news releases, resumes and other forms of communication.

"Teaching business writing via the Internet may strike some people as surprising," said James Simon, Ph.D., an English Department professor and the course instructor. "But so much of business communication is done today via e-mail, the World Wide Web and other computer applications. We'll be using threaded discussion groups, chat rooms, new editing tools and other techniques to allow students living in different parts of the country to come together as a 'virtual class'."

University College also offers numerous professional and personal enrichment courses and seminars, such as "Discover Your Personal Best," which runs Wednesday, Sept. 25 from 7 to 9 p.m. Students in this course learn what makes successful people. Identify your formula for overcoming obstacles to become a peak performer. "People's Law School" helps students unscramble the legal mumbo-jumbo with practical information about different areas of law - presented in laymen's terms. Local attorneys and judges will cover: introduction to the court system, criminal law, personal injury law, real estate, landlord and tenant law, family law, wills, estates and probate proceedings, business and contract law, and workers' compensation.

For more information contact University College at Fairfield University at (203) 254-4220.

Posted On: 07-10-2002 09:07 AM

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