Fairfield University announces first endowed Chair in Business; Dr. R. Keith Martin named first chairholder

Fairfield University announces first endowed Chair in Business; Dr. R. Keith Martin named first chairholder

Fairfield University has announced the establishment of the first endowed chair in the School of Business and that the first holder of the Stephen and Camille Schramm Chair in Business will be long-time faculty member and former dean Dr. R. Keith Martin. The announcement was made today by the University's Academic Vice President, Dr. Orin L. Grossman, who expressed his gratitude for the generosity of Stephen and Camille Schramm, former Westport residents, explaining that this allows Fairfield to advance its reputation and recognize the contributions and achievements of a distinguished member of our faculty.

Dr. Martin said he was proud to be named holder of the first endowed chair in the School of Business. "Chairs signal recognition of an institution's quality," he said, "and can serve as an inspiration to which current faculty members can aspire." He sees the establishment of endowed chairs as part of Fairfield's ongoing development as an institution, remembering the early days of the School of Business when "we couldn't have funds tied up in endowment when our operating needs were so critical."

Dr. Martin has been professor of information systems and chairman of the Information Systems and Operations Management program in the School of Business at Fairfield University, and was dean of the School of Business for 11 years. During two of those years he also was acting dean of the University's Graduate School of Communication. During his tenure as dean of the School of Business he directed the development of Information Systems as a degree program and initiated activities that culminated in establishing a major in International Studies program offered jointly by the School of Business and the College of Arts & Sciences. His current research deals with the cultural, managerial, and technological issues relating to global information systems.

Prior to becoming dean, Dr. Martin was the first associate dean and first director of graduate programs at the School of Business. He served on the faculty of Baruch College of the City University of New York, as first director of the University of Washington's Management Systems Department, and on the faculty of the University of Washington's School of Business. His previous appointments include manager in the Management Advisory Services Department of Price Waterhouse, marketing representative with IBM and its subsidiary, The Service Bureau Corporation, and division manager at Campus Merchandising Bureau, Inc.

Dr. Martin is a native of Seattle, Washington. He received an A.B. degree from Whitman College, an MBA from City College of New York, and a Ph.D. from the University of Washington. He is a Licensed Professional Engineer, holds the professional Certificate in Data Processing, is both a Certified Systems Professional and Certified Computer Professional, and a member of Beta Gamma Sigma.

He is a current and past member of numerous boards and associations, and has authored monographs and presented papers in the fields of information systems, information technology management, industrial engineering, auditing in a computer environment, and business communication.

Mr. Schramm served Marlin Industrial Division for more than 30 years as general sales manager and vice president. He died in 1988. Mrs. Schramm loved to paint and decorated their home with examples of her skill. When she was in her twenties, she was part of the Women's Air Corps during World War II. She died in 1997 at the age of 85.

"They were lovely people," said Stephen Saltzman, the Schramm's attorney and friend. "Mr. Schramm was a terrific gentleman, always friendly, affable, and sincere. His personality was perfect for working in marketing."

According to Saltzman, prior to his death, Mr. Schramm was very interested in giving his money to a university that promoted business studies. He was pleased that Fairfield matched those interests.

Posted On: 09-05-2000 09:09 AM

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