School of Nursing's Mu Chi Chapter cited for excellence

School of Nursing's Mu Chi Chapter cited for excellence

Invitation to membership in Sigma Theta Tau International, the honor society of nursing, is an honor, and occurs after an individual has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, leadership and the ability or potential to contribute to the advancement of the profession. Likewise, approval of a chapter in a university occurs only after a school has demonstrated success with an honor society and an extensive application and critical review process occurs. The Mu Chi chapter at Fairfield was approved in 1991 after such a review.

In its six years, Mu Chi has inducted many outstanding students, faculty and community members, and it has been recognized for excellence. At the Sigma biennial convention, the recent accomplishments of Mu Chi were cited:

1) Recipient of the Mildred Adams Chapter Heritage Award, only one of which is given each biennium in recognition of excellence in a chapter's archives;

2) Recipient of a Chapter Key Award (the second consecutive one for Mu Chi), which recognized a chapter's success with membership involvement;

3) Selection of Dr. Sheila Grossman as a Distinguished Lecturer for the 1997-99 Biennium, an honor bestowed after a review of a candidate's credentials, past speaking experience and proposed topics;

4) Selection of Dr. Dee Lippman as the Regional Leadership Extern, an honor bestowed on an individual who proposes a project that will benefit the Society and whom the incoming President believes should be groomed for leadership roles at the international level;

5) Presentation by Mu Chi members (Dr. Grossman, Mrs. Mary Ross and Mrs. Cindy Bautista) of four poster presentations;

6) Presentation by Mu Chi member, Dr. Grossman, of a research paper;

7) Attendance by two undergraduate students - both of whom were recently inducted into Mu Chi - who were selected based on their submissions to a writing competition (their attendance was supported by both the chapter and School of Nursing);

8) Election of Dr. Lippman to the International Research Committee; and

9) Election of Dr. Terry Valiga to the office of Vice President of Sigma Theta Tau International.

"Mu Chi was fortunate to have nine chapter members attending and participating in the convention, and absolutely thrilled with the awards and success with elections," said nursing dean Dr. Terry Valiga. "For a young chapter, we have achieved great things - a Chapter Key Award in 1995, appointment of Dr. Lippman to the International Publications Committee for the 1995-97 biennium, election of myself to the Board of Directors for the 1995-97 biennium, and the Regional Chapter Heritage Award in 1994 - and we are challenged to continue to grow and develop."

Posted On: 03-01-1998 09:03 AM

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