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| May 2016 | Fairfield University News Channel

Fairfield Forms Four Schools in CAS

Fairfield University has announced the creation of four schools within the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) as part of the University’s strategic plan for future growth in its programs. The reorganization is consistent with their 2020 Strategic Plan to give a distinct, vibrant and competitive identity to each of the core elements of the college. This segmentation will allow more discrete branding, attract new faculty and allow for targeted fund raising.

The following schools aim to better align student degrees with market demand: Communication, Arts & Media; Humanities; Social Sciences; and Natural and Behavioral Sciences and Mathematics.

The School of Communication, Arts & Media will include majors in Communication, Film, Television & Media Arts, Public Relations, Digital Journalism and a new minor in Graphic Design. The School will also house selected academic offerings in Visual and Performing Arts, English and Modern Languages and Literature. 

The creation of the distinct schools within the College of Arts & Sciences will help to showcase both the particular fields of study within the College and the interdisciplinary work between and among the fields.

“Communication is one of the fastest growing majors at Fairfield, and many students want to focus on film and other emerging digital media, as well as grasp critical theoretical perspectives that help put these new technologies into context. Creating a School of Communication, Arts, and Media will help to concentrate our efforts, and develop more collaborative areas for research and creativity,” said Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Lynn Babington.

“This move is also a plus for all of our programs in CAS,” said Dr. Yohuru Williams, Dean for the CAS. “Having schools that are distinct, yet interdisciplinary and connected, helps to spotlight the particular initiatives, majors, and opportunities afforded by each discipline, while also reaffirming their shared commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. It’s all part of sharpening our focus for teaching and research.”

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