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The Best Kind of Summer School: Lifelong Learning at Fairfield University

Adults and career-minded professionals that never want to retire their “learning caps” are encouraged to sign up for Fairfield University’s Lifelong Learning Summer program. The participants will spend a week in June learning about thought-provoking topics ranging from Beethoven, to the Supreme Court, to Russia and the Ukraine. 

The five-day summer program takes place Monday through Friday, June 1-5. The registration and schedule is available online at http://www.fairfield.edu/lifelonglearning

Different classes are being offered to appeal to a wide variety of interests. Each day will feature three lectures, the first one beginning at 9 a.m., the second at 11 a.m., and the third at 1:30 p.m. with breaks in between courses and an hour-long lunch break. 

This summer, The Lifelong Learning program will feature the following classes: 

  • "The Life and Work of Beethoven.”Beethoven’s music has, for two centuries, stood at the core of the Western musical canon. Why Beethoven? This series explores the composer’s centrality, examining his life and legacy through a close-up look both at his well-known masterworks and his hidden gems.
    – Alan Murchie, lecturer of visual and performing arts

  • "The Supreme Court.” The complex role of the Supreme Court will be discussed in this series of lectures. With the authority to invalidate legislations and execute action, the Supreme Court has the crucial responsibility to maintain the Constitution and at the same time, apply its provisions to a complex and ever-changing democratic and political environment.
    – Dr. Donald Greenberg, associate professor of politics

  • "Russia and Ukraine 2015: History, Culture, and Current Conflict.” The ongoing crisis between Russia and Ukraine has put into sharp relief the long cultural and historical links of Russia and Ukraine and their more recent conflicts since the collapse of the Soviet Union. This interactive course will cover history, culture, religion, economics, geopolitics, NATO expansion, Russia’s and Ukraine’s relations with the European Union and the United States, Russia’s wars with Georgia and its annexation of Crimea, and the current war in Ukraine and the fragile Minsk ceasefire.
    – Dr. David McFadden, professor of history

The tuition fee for the full series is $265 per person; a buffet lunch will be included on the last day of the program. To register, call Elizabeth Hastings at (203) 254-4000, 2688 or e-mail at ehastings@fairfield.edu.

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