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2020 Lecture May 6: Graduate and Part-Time Education in the 21st Century

3:30-4:30 p.m.; Oak Room, Barone Campus Center

Guest Speaker: Carol Aslanian, EducationDynamics
Topic: Graduate and Part-time Education in the 21st Century

Carol Aslanian enjoys a stellar reputation as an authority on adult higher education known as the "post-traditional" sector that includes undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education. She has been an invaluable asset in creating market studies and institutional audits for colleges, and developing partnerships between colleges and employers on program and delivery trends for this growing segment of students in higher education.

Aslanian is senior vice president of Aslanian Market Research at EducationDynamics. Until July 2009, she was president of Aslanian Group, which for many years was the leading independent provider of enrollment management services, including community-wide market studies, assessments of online learning demand, institutional audits, development of education-employer partnerships for colleges and universities interested in serving the adult student market, and nationwide professional development conferences.
For more than 20 years, Aslanian served as director of the Office of Adult Learning Services at the College Board in New York. She also served as the College Board's director of the Office of Community College Relations and assisted in enhancing the Board's service to community colleges.

Aslanian is a national authority on the characteristics and learning patterns of adult students and has made hundreds of presentations to educational institutions, state agencies, and national associations, focusing on her major area of expertise - access to higher education for place-bound and time-bound students. She has engaged in various activities related to meeting the needs of learners and corporate partners, including those that helped colleges identify new locations, alternative scheduling, and online education instructional options. She has both designed market studies to assist colleges in enhancing their share of the adult student market as well as conducted on-site visits and consultations to analyze the current and potential status of institutions in meeting the demands of adult students and area employers. She has assisted hundreds of colleges, universities, state education agencies, regional consortia of colleges, multi-institutional centers, and chambers of commerce in developing programs that meet the needs of their constituencies, primarily working professional adult students and business and industry.

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