Conlisk Scholarship Awarded to Limerick Grad


Conlisk Scholarship Awarded to Limerick Grad

Rev. John M. Conlisk Irish Scholarship has helped Irish students for more than two decades. Opportunity to broaden career prospects and gain global business education.

It was just before she saw Central Park for the first time that Maeve-Ellen Moyles heard the news: She had just been awarded a full scholarship to Fairfield University.

After graduating from the University of Limerick in Ireland in the spring of 2015, Moyles came to the U.S with friends to explore and work as a waitress for the summer. “We had been in Manhattan for two days and decided to make our first trip to Central Park,” said Moyles. “That’s when I got the email from Mark Ligas (Associate Dean and Director of Graduate Programs for the Dolan School of Business) and I just started bawling.” Moyles had received the Rev. John M. Conlisk Scholarship, which would allow her to complete her MBA at Fairfield University.

Moyles, a native of Barna, County Galway, learned about the Conlisk Scholarship while studying at the University of Limerick. Founded more than two decades ago when the Irish economy was struggling, a group of Irish Americans led by Fairfield University trustee Kevin M. Conlisk '66 believed a scholarship would give an Irish student an opportunity to make business contacts and enhance his or her options. Many of the founding scholarship committee members are first or second generation Irish Americans, and established it to help a deserving young Irishman. The scholarship is named for Mr. Conlisk’s late brother.

“I am so grateful for Kevin and Marybeth (Conlisk), they are both such wonderful people and have made me feel so welcome and at home in Fairfield,” said Moyles.

For Moyles, the opportunity to receive her MBA with a focus on management consulting at Fairfield is a dream come true. Starting in the fall 2015 semester, she is taking two accounting classes and one management class, and she contributes her success in both to the small class sizes.

“I love that way of learning — more of a group discussion which is something I was really looking forward to. We don’t have this opportunity back in Ireland, so I really want to make the most of this. I see myself being (in the U.S.) for a long time.”

What is Moyles most excited about? — aside from the education, a beautiful campus that, as Moyles puts it, is “out of this world,” and going snowboarding this winter?

“I'm looking forward to celebrating my first Thanksgiving and I have already received so many invites from so many fantastic people."

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