Alternate Routes to Perform at Awards Dinner, March 26


Alternate Routes to Perform at Awards Dinner, March 26

The Alternate Routes, a band formed by Fairfield University alumni, are proof that hard work, dedication, and Stag pride can create worldwide success.

The band is performing at the Fairfield Awards Dinner on March 26 in New York City. The event, which benefits the The Multicultural Scholarship Fund, recognizes alumni, faculty and staff for the highest professional achievement, outstanding leadership, academic excellence, and meritorious service.

The Alternate Routes are a perfect fit to help celebrate.

“To be recognized by such a community is an honor,” said Tim Warren ’03. “I hope our collective ability to dream dominates the spirit of the night.”

Eric Donnelly ’01 echoes the sentiment. “Whenever someone recognizes what you do, it’s appreciated, especially by the institution where it all started.”

The Alternate Routes was formed in 2002 while Donnelly and Warren were undergraduate students at Fairfield University. Warren, a member of the Glee Club, was in need of a guitarist for a group he was forming.

“I originally hired Eric for a few gigs at a local club I was putting together,” said Warren. “We began writing songs the following summer and never looked back. We’ve stayed together this long because we’re both willing to bet our lives on our ability to succeed in a very hard business environment. I’ve only met one person in my life like that, and I started a band with him.”

Young alumnus, Kurt Leon ’07, was introduced to Donnelly by renowned bassist Brian Torff, professor of music at Fairfield. Leon and Donnelly played a few jazz shows together, and he officially joined the band as their drummer after his graduation from Fairfield University.

“After a few gigs, I quickly realized that Tim and Eric were serious musicians who wanted to take their music as far as possible,” said Leon. “As a young drummer, those were exactly the type of musicians I wanted to surround myself with.”

The Alternate Routes’ worldwide hit single, “Nothing More,” was written after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. The song commemorates their loved ones and, they say, celebrates human goodness and unity.

“Our goal was to stay positive, stay focused on the message,” Donnelly said. “A topic like what happened in Sandy Hook can be very difficult to think about, let alone write about. For me, more than anything, ‘Nothing More’ is about taking responsibility. Love, hate, war, and peace are not abstract concepts that happen to us, they are things that we collectively create everyday.”

“Nothing More” was played in the closing ceremonies of the 2014 Olympics, and the band has performed the song on several national television shows.

While their achievements can be celebrated in terms of names and numbers, these alumni are also hardworking and self motivated. They have remained work partners and loyal friends since their inception and the release of their first album in 2005.

“We’ve come upon many closed roads in our day,” said Warren. “And the willingness to continue, and to create new paths, has always been the main ingredient.”

When asked how the band feels about their success, Warren credits his experience at Fairfield University, and he anticipates many others at the Fairfield Awards Dinner will feel the same.

“Success, in my experience, is so closely related to our ability to reflect honestly and with gratitude. I think the Jesuits gave me that somehow, and I suspect many people in attendance will have a similar tale to tell.”

Fairfield Awards Dinner Young Alumni (2005-2014) tickets are half price and corporate sponsorships are available if you and your company would like to further support the cause. Fairfield's Alumni Association will be hosting an after-party that features our special guests The Alternate Routes in the ballroom right next to the dinner.

To register and learn more, click here .

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