Meet Allanah Dykes '16

Meet Allanah Dykes '16

‌‌‌‌Allanah Dykes '16, a Stags-in-the-Field intern, talks about her Fairfield experience.

Hometown :  Bay Shore, New York
Major : Communications and Politics Double Major; American Studies Minor

How did you end up coming to Fairfield?

My high school guidance counselor is an alumnus and she has always raved about Fairfield. I went on tours of the colleges where I was accepted, and I was in awe of Fairfield’s educational standards.

Favorite professor or mentor

My favorite mentors at Fairfield are the career counselors at the Career Planning Center. In my sophomore year I was the social media and marketing intern there and they really cultivated who I am today. I'm more confident in the work I produce, vocal in my classes, and they helped me figure out a career based on my strengths and my personality. I hadn’t had access to that information before.

Favorite on- and off-campus activities

My favorite on-campus activity has been my internship in the Stags-in-the-Field Program [the University’s paid internship program for jobs on campus]. My favorite off-campus activities are blogging, traveling, learning about new cultures, and exploring new places.

Tell us about your Stags-in-the-Field position—what is it, and what did you do?

This year, my Stags-in-the-Field position was in the Student Affairs Marketing and Communications Department. I was the marketing and social media intern. I loved the Stags-in-the-Field program because this semester I had a course load of six classes, so it was difficult to fit an off-campus internship into my schedule. With this program I had the opportunity to intern around my classes and learn what it's like to have real world job experience. In each program I was able to cultivate my skills and work on a team.

What’s a favorite moment of your college life so far?

Anytime I get to hang out with my friends! We all have very different schedules due to our busy course loads and the things we are involved in on and off campus. I'm a very simplistic person, so I love baking for my friends and more often than not we spend time talking about what's happening on campus, our personal lives, and gossiping about what's going on in the fashion and entertainment industry.

What will you be doing next semester?

I am so excited to have the opportunity to study abroad at Regents University London. In 2011, I was an American ambassador for the People to People program and I was able to travel to Italy, France, Switzerland, and Austria. Having the chance to study abroad for a semester is a dream for me. I’ll have the chance to immerse myself in London's culture, gain a different perspective in my classes there, and travel to places I’ve only read about.

What do you hope to take with you when you graduate?

I hope to take all of the skills that I have learned from my internships and classes and apply them to my future career. Fairfield has fostered my competitive nature, willingness to go the extra mile, and taught me to never give up in the face of adversity. Throughout my time at Fairfield, I’ve built on what I learned in high school on what it takes to be a leader and a winner.


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