Fairfield 2020 - Building a More Sustainable Future


Fairfield 2020 - Building a More Sustainable Future

Strategic Planning - Fall Update

The 11 Fairfield 2020 Task Force Committees, comprised of nearly 200 faculty, students and administrators, have re-energized their dialogue and debate this fall on critical issues impacting the University. They are gathering weekly and bi-monthly as they work diligently toward a December 2014 deadline to submit final strategic plan reports containing recommendations and action plans to the Fairfield 2020 Steering Committee.

“This is a critically important time in Fairfield’s strategic planning process as ideas are generated and recommendations finalized that will equip Fairfield to face challenges and leverage new opportunities for our future,” said Lynn Babington, senior vice president for Academic Affairs, who along with Kevin Lawlor, executive vice president, serves as co-chair of the Fairfield 2020 Steering Committee. “We are very encouraged by the progress made over the past 10 months.  The quality and depth of discussions coming from the various Task Forces is very heartening. We want our entire campus community to share in the discussion and get involved in this process in the months ahead.”

All Fairfield University students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to participate in Fairfield 2020 by attending any of the Steering Committee and Task Force committee meetings this fall. At the meetings there are insightful discussions, debates, and deliberations on the wide range of topics as recommendations are being formed.  For those who can’t attend, meeting minutes are updated and posted on the website as well. These meetings can be greatly enriched by the insights of campus community members in attendance. Even if you cannot attend a Task Force meeting and want to contribute an idea or suggestion, please use the Fairfield 2020 “Comments and Suggestions” section on the Fairfield 2020 website. All comments will be shared with the appropriate Task Force for discussion.

“Now is the time for our entire campus community and those who are vested in the success of this University to contribute their creative, bold ideas for Fairfield’s short and long-term benefit,” said Kevin Lawlor. “This is a moment in Fairfield’s history where we need to harness our collective knowledge and experience to honor and preserve our heritage, mission, and identity while at the same time driving innovation, flexibility, affordability, and speed.”

Launched in January 2014, Fairfield University’s strategic planning effort -- Fairfield 2020: Building a More Sustainable Future -- was developed to meet the challenges and opportunities being faced by the University, particularly the gap between revenue and expenses. The goal of Fairfield 2020 is to assess and recommend the reallocation of resources that are central to Fairfield’s success while cultivating new, more sustainable, and mission-centered programs.

With that objective in mind, at least 11 Task Forces were mobilized 10 months ago to investigate topics of crucial importance and influence to the University’s future. The Task Forces' areas include Business Model, Pedagogical Innovation, Affordability, Student Outcomes, Core Curriculum, Back Office Operations, Continuing Education, Professional & Graduate Schools, Candidates of the Future, Total Student Experience, and Varsity Athletics. In June 2014, each Task Force made mid-year presentations to the Steering Committee on its progress and outlined its work to be accomplished this fall, which will lead to the final reports in December. These mid-year reports and videos can be viewed through my.Fairfield.com portal.

The Fairfield 2020 web site is continually being updated with agendas and minutes from the Task Forces, along with lecture videos and the latest news on strategic planning. The final Task Force Presentations will be held in December in the Oak Room and the dates and times will also be made available.

For a completed list of guest lecturers slated to come to Fairfield’s campus this fall to discuss challenges and opportunities facing higher education today, check out the IDEAS: Fairfield 2020 Lecture Series and save the dates on your calendar.


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