Dr. Michelle R. Weise Explains "Disruptive Innovation"


Dr. Michelle R. Weise Explains "Disruptive Innovation"

Fairfield 2020 Fall Lecture Series

A thought-provoking lecture series open to all in the Fairfield University community was developed to provide perspectives and discussions on topics of importance in higher education today.

The purpose is to support and advance the University’s strategic planning process.

All lectures are videotaped and available for viewing .

Lecture Recap :  Dr. Weise Explains Disruptive Innovation

Dr. Michelle Weise views disruptive innovation in higher education as the confluence of factors mounting over a period of time that are being fueled by advances in technology, growing demand for particular workplace skills and a need for re-education that continues throughout a lifetime. Dr. Weise, a senior research fellow in higher education at the Clayton Christensen Institute, was the keynote speaker at a morning workshop and an afternoon lecture held on campus on Wednesday, September 17as part of the Fairfield 2020 Fall Lecture Series. In her presentation  Dr. Weise gave examples of how disruptive innovation has impacted the steel industry and information systems field, and what comprehensive universities such as Fairfield can do to harness technology and innovation to create new opportunities in the future. She also champions the idea of applied liberal arts education where there is a blend of learning and real world experience giving students skills that can immediately be applied to work environments. A video is available for viewing.

Next Lecture :

The next Fairfield 2020 Lecture will be held on Wednesday, October 8 from 3:30-4:30 in the Oak Room of the Barone Campus Center.  It will feature Dr. Andrew Delbanco speaking on "The College Mission During Turbulent Times ." The director of the American Studies program at Columbia University, Dr. Delbanco is a noted author and prominent cultural critic who offers insights on expanding the narrow view of a college education as merely a professional credential.

NEW : Following his lecture in the Oak Room, Dr. Delbanco will host an informal and more in-depth Q & A discussion group (4:45-5:45 p.m.) for a conversation on a variety of related topics to college mission and strategic planning.  All students, faculty, and staff are welcome!

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